Museo del Patriarca , Valencia!

Ok again digging for my trips and souvenirs that I have left unnoticed in previous posts. I come back to you to my beloved Spain and the city of Valencia. Of course, plenty written on it over the years in my blog but this is one that needs well more.. Hope you enjoy it as we did

We actually were not looking for it ,just walking around the city sightseeing all and eating and drinking well. Until we spotted the building and decided to take a small peek.  In Spanish is as such just call it the Museo del Patriarca. A gorgeous monument showcasing the work of Father Juan de Ribera (Saint).  It is a vast building, we took a peek Inside and it is gorgeous, Worth coming back for a detail look.

The Museo del Patriarca or Patriarch’s museum was founded to offer the public access to much of the best works in its collection of paintings. The State archive is managed by the Royal Seminary College of Corpus Christi. This Royal College, known among the Valencians with the name of the Patriarca, had as its main task the formation of priests according to the spirit and provisions of the Council of Trent.


The exhibition houses valuable and unique heritage objects, paintings by artists such as Juan Sariñena, Francisco Ribalta, Gregorio Bausá or Luis de Morales, books, documents, textiles and unique goldsmith pieces. The exhibition tour allows the viewer to get closer to the history of the building, to the social context, to the religious climate of the Counter-Reformation and to the personality and artistic patronage of the founder, the archbishop and patriarch Juan de Ribera.


Among the curiosities that the building contains is having served as a warehouse for many of the works of the Prado museum during the Spanish Civil War The General Study Room traces a journey through the history of the Patriarch through goldsmith pieces, documents, books of hours, bibles, a sculpture of a virgin by Alonso Cano and paintings by Ribalta or Luis de Morales. One of the most valuable pieces is a chest in which Thomas More kept the sheets of the manuscript that he wrote in his captivity in the Tower of London, entitled “Instructions and Prayers or De Tristia Christi” (The Agony of Christ), and which after the execution of Moro, it passed through the will of his daughter Margaret to Spanish hands and through Fray Pedro de Soto, confessor of the Emperor Carlos V, it went to Valencia, the homeland of Luis Vives, Moro’s close friend. In the Sala Duc de Calàbria the latest studies on Renaissance music in Valencia are revealed, with various artistic and musical objects from the 16C and 17C, as well as scores by authors such as Haydn.

The Patriarca college or seminary official page in Spanish is here : Patriarca of Valencia college seminary

The tourist office of Valencia on the Patriarca museum in English: Tourist office of Valencia on the Patriarca museum

Another dandy in Valencia and worth the detour , in fact, we will be back to see more of it once things settled down in our world. The Patriarca is one interesting place to see. Hope you enjoy it as we did

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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