King Jaime I the Conqueror in Valencia!

Ok so with several posts on Valencia and forgot this one. Ok nothing to make you lose time but if walking the city beat as we do and passing by so many beautiful architecture and history along the way, then this one is worth the detour.

Let me tell you a bit on the statue on King Jaime I the Conqueror in Valencia.

The old Plaza de la Aduana is now Plaça d’Alfons el Magnanim or Plaza Alfonso el Magnánimo, a large green space located in the heart of the city, opposite the Porta de la Mar . The gardens created in 1850 made up of large magnolia and aucaria trees, palm trees, giant ficus, and numerous botanical species. Among the vegetation there are numerous sculptures and busts, as well as an ornamental pond with aquatic plants and a fountain dedicated to Neptune. A very monumental cast iron statue presides over this square, dedicated to Jaime I the Conqueror, done in 1857 the sixth centenary of his death. Finally, it will be in 1891 said statue was located in the Parterre.


King Jaime I  the Conqueror, very much in the local fabric; he was  Jaime I de Aragon el  Conquistador ( Born Montpellier France in 1208 and died in Alcira in 1276) He was king of Aragon (1213-1276), of Valencia (1238-1276 and Mallorca (1229-1276), Count of Barcelona (1213-1276), Count of  Urgel,Lord of Montpellier (1219-1276),and other places in Occitania (covering France and Spain). Since it was built, the Parterre gardens have not undergone major changes. The Riada of 1957 forced to rebuild the garden; of the four ponds it had, only one remains.


The city of Valencia on the king and the prizes on cultural endeavors of King James I. City of Valencia on King Jaime I the Conqueror

So with all those titles and reigns I figure he deserves a post… Lovely garden, wonderful statue weighing they said 11,5 tons!  A lovely walk indeed, hope you do and enjoy it as we did.

And remember, happy travels, good healthj and many cheers to all!!!

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