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June 14, 2020

Museo del Patriarca , Valencia!

Ok again digging for my trips and souvenirs that I have left unnoticed in previous posts. I come back to you to my beloved Spain and the city of Valencia. Of course, plenty written on it over the years in my blog but this is one that needs well more.. Hope you enjoy it as we did

We actually were not looking for it ,just walking around the city sightseeing all and eating and drinking well. Until we spotted the building and decided to take a small peek.  In Spanish is as such just call it the Museo del Patriarca. A gorgeous monument showcasing the work of Father Juan de Ribera (Saint).  It is a vast building, we took a peek Inside and it is gorgeous, Worth coming back for a detail look.

The Museo del Patriarca or Patriarch’s museum was founded to offer the public access to much of the best works in its collection of paintings. The State archive is managed by the Royal Seminary College of Corpus Christi. This Royal College, known among the Valencians with the name of the Patriarca, had as its main task the formation of priests according to the spirit and provisions of the Council of Trent.


The exhibition houses valuable and unique heritage objects, paintings by artists such as Juan Sariñena, Francisco Ribalta, Gregorio Bausá or Luis de Morales, books, documents, textiles and unique goldsmith pieces. The exhibition tour allows the viewer to get closer to the history of the building, to the social context, to the religious climate of the Counter-Reformation and to the personality and artistic patronage of the founder, the archbishop and patriarch Juan de Ribera.


Among the curiosities that the building contains is having served as a warehouse for many of the works of the Prado museum during the Spanish Civil War The General Study Room traces a journey through the history of the Patriarch through goldsmith pieces, documents, books of hours, bibles, a sculpture of a virgin by Alonso Cano and paintings by Ribalta or Luis de Morales. One of the most valuable pieces is a chest in which Thomas More kept the sheets of the manuscript that he wrote in his captivity in the Tower of London, entitled “Instructions and Prayers or De Tristia Christi” (The Agony of Christ), and which after the execution of Moro, it passed through the will of his daughter Margaret to Spanish hands and through Fray Pedro de Soto, confessor of the Emperor Carlos V, it went to Valencia, the homeland of Luis Vives, Moro’s close friend. In the Sala Duc de Calàbria the latest studies on Renaissance music in Valencia are revealed, with various artistic and musical objects from the 16C and 17C, as well as scores by authors such as Haydn.

The Patriarca college or seminary official page in Spanish is here : Patriarca of Valencia college seminary

The tourist office of Valencia on the Patriarca museum in English: Tourist office of Valencia on the Patriarca museum

Another dandy in Valencia and worth the detour , in fact, we will be back to see more of it once things settled down in our world. The Patriarca is one interesting place to see. Hope you enjoy it as we did

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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June 14, 2020

Some news from France, CCCVIII

Ok folks, things are kicking again and we all should be glad. I am , already making  plans to go out into my belle France. For now, let me give you the latest on my series Some news from France already in its 308th post; thanks to all!!!

Let get the serious matters going on today with the virus wuhan covid19 coronavirus as you wish.

Spain will reopen its borders to the countries of the European Union on June 21, next Sunday. Except with Portugal for which the border will only reopen on July 1.
The Spanish government had already announced that foreign tourists would be allowed to stay in Spain without quarantine from July 1.  The appearance of two Covid-19 foci in intramural Rome has raised concern, while Italy is cautiously emerging from deconfinement. One declared himself in a squat in Garbatella, a popular district in the south of the capital. The second outbreak – numerically the largest with 109 cases including five fatal , is located at the San Raffaele Pisana hospital, on the western outskirts of the capital. The European Union has signed an agreement with the AstraZeneca laboratory. 300 million doses of the vaccine, expected for, perhaps, the end of the year, would then be sold, notably to France.  A rebound in China: after eleven sectors of Beijing closed on Saturday, China is recording an increase in new cases of covid.  The President of the French Republic speaks this evening at 20h (8 p.m.) French time. President Emmanuel Macron will probably announce the end of the confinement for June 22 in restaurants. Changes to the reception protocol in schools should also be formalized. And the beat goes on………

” No justice, no peace “. Knee to the ground, fist raised, this is what the protesters chanted in unison Place de la République this past Saturday. Thousands of people gathered again in Paris against police violence and racism at the call of the Adama Traoré committee. Right-wing activists of Generation Identity tried to disrupt the march by hanging a banner with the inscriptions: “Justice for the victims of anti-white racism”. Local residents hastened to tear it to the applause of the crowd. Adama Traoré has been portrayed as the French George Floyd of the USA. Life is the same and we go on……

And now for the lighter side of things in my belle France.

The new attraction of Futuroscope, which reopened this Saturday, the public is also setting out to conquer space. The objective of these roller coasters, the first for the park: to reach the planet Mars. In the waiting area of ​​”Objectif Mars”, you would think you were transported to a NASA training center: white sanitized walls and yellow lines on the ground, equipment of astronauts, robot voices and sounds of rockets adorned for takeoff. We were there several years back and looks similar to EPCOT in Orlando Fl.

With more than 1.6 million visitors last year, the Arc de Triomphe remains one of the star monuments of Paris. The Pantheon, with its 875,000 entrances, is not far away. This coming Monday, after three months of closure, like the Château de Vincennes, they will once again welcome the public. We will even have to wait on the 17th for the reopening of the Chapelle Expiatoire chapel, on the 21st to find the Basilica of Saint-Denis and on the 23rd for the Sainte-Chapelle which has benefited from dust removal works. Especially since the expected returns from July 2019 with the planned opening of the Hôtel de la Marine, whose construction did not resume until April 27, 2020 fall into the wate due to the virus. Its inauguration will have to wait until the beginning, or even mid-2021.

Open on Saturday March 14 and promptly closed on March 17 due to the virus, the Jardin des Arts, Albert Schweitzer or garden of the Arts 4éme arrondissement has been accessible for a few days. Bringing together these three plots along the Seine to make it a green space of 5,000 m2, in the quadrilateral formed by the streets of rue Nonnains rue d’Hyères, rue de Jouy, rue Geoffroy l’Asnier and rue de l’Hôtel de Ville, was not a sinecure. Dominated by the silhouette of the Hôtel d’Aumont which appears in the overhanging background, looks great, that of a French garden with its paths winding between lawns and flower beds  see it very central, the Jardin des arts – Albert Schweitzer,  18, rue de l’Hotel-de-Ville – 4éme. Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

The museums managed by the Hauts-de-Seine (92)  departmental council will reopen their doors, as planned, this Tuesday, June 16.  The jardin du musée départemental Albert-Kahn,in Boulogne-Billancourt, the Maison de Chateaubriand, in Châtenay-Malabry, and the Musée du Domaine Départemental de Sceaux will offer “an exceptional program” for the occasion, with new and free tours and entertainment until mid-July. The Albert-Kahn museum, under renovation, remains closed for work. Visitors will however be able to stroll through the superb stage garden of Boulogne-Billancourt.

This past Saturday noon (yesterday) , picnics were well done here and there, in the green grass in front of the Château de Champs-sur-Marne. But it was on the lawn bordered by rue Paul-Bert and avenue Victor-Hugo, outside the grounds of the estate. Indeed, since Wednesday and its reopening after almost three months of closure, the Château de Champs-sur-Marne allows its visitors to have a snack in a few dedicated places inside the 85 ha park, during opening hours of it  or 10h to 18h. These are the two large meadows located between the fountains and the Orangery.

Since this past Saturday morning, the site that houses the Musée vivant du cheval or living horse museum in Chantilly, has been welcoming visitors again, only on weekends for now, after more than three months of closure.  They were lucky to be able to take the horses out in the grounds of the Château de Chantilly. The return of the equestrian shows will be for later.

The Jardin d’Acclimatation were back open since  May 30, the leisure park adored by Parisian families … for free! An attractive offer, which you can take advantage of until June 22; beware of the disappointment, because the amusement park rides will remain closed until this date.

For the 9th edition of “La Nuit aux Invalides”, Paris returns to the heart of its own history. Lutèce traces 3000 years of the history of the city of Paris, to the rhythm of the sounds and lights projected in the courtyard of the Invalides. An exceptional show for a superb evening, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays until August 30. History to spend beautiful summer evenings in Paris! 129, rue de Grenelle  7éme. Wonderful beautiful event if in Paris go see it. More here in French: A night in the Invalides spectacle

Go a bit further from Paris, take real air of the countryside only 1 hour from Paris, there is a veritable eden of greenery at the water’s edge … a little corner of paradise where stress and routine disappear for a weekend. This green Eden is called Montigny-sur-Loing, nestled right next to the forest of Fontainebleau. Swimming in the tranquil river, swans, canoeing, waterfall, rest and extreme calm … Paris seems far, far away, and yet! Opposite, the pretty half-timbered building catches the eye of bathers, and for good reason! this is the legendary La Vanne Rouge hotel-restaurant, which is looking for a buyer ! Any takers?

Some foodie news cannot be far from me! A little over a decade ago, Grégory Marchand fell in love with this small cobbled street where all the iron curtains were down.  It was abandoned, but he felled good there. Fresh from New York and London, where he trained in warm Anglo-Saxon cuisine. Located just behind rue Réaumur, a major Parisian artery, rue du Nil is a stone’s throw from rue Montorgueil, already surveyed for its bars and well-stocked hardware. Yet here no one has passed. Frenchie was born in 2009. Eleven years later, with a Michelin star and international recognition, Grégory Marchand has developed his restaurants as opportunities arise, all located on rue du Nil. A wine bar, a wine shop, a “fast-good” eating places. What unites its three addresses is the desire to share good and comforting in their most sparkling form. See try it believe, French international cuisine at its best.

And for a lighter meal ,huh? ::) you have The Brooklyn Pizzeria, opened by the Little Italy team, is a true ode to the gastronomy of the Boot (Italy). Farandole of antipasti, crispy pizzas cooked in the impressive wood oven at the entrance, pasta served directly in their copper pan, here the dishes are cooked with products from Italy and the pizzas are made from 100% organic flour, which does not spoil anything. On the decor side, the address is a mix between traditional trattoria and Brooklyn coffee, Special mention for the Margherita at 4 € and the lemon tiramisu, real little slaughter served directly in the dish. The Brooklyn Pizzeria, 33, boulevard Beaumarchais 3éme, open every Saturday and Sunday from 8h to 16h. As told by Parisians friends as me not tasted yet.

And for those coming next and renting apartments/hotels etc. Make sure it follow these principals for safety given by the Union nationale pour la promotion de la location de vacances or the National Union for the promotion of vacation rentals. webpage: UNPVL

For owners who are going to rent accommodation to tourists this summer. Among the main principles, it is indicated that the household must be started so as not to have to enter a room already cleaned and disinfected and that one must always clean starting with the cleanest area and ending with the dirtiest area. The principle is also to wash the floor from the bottom of the room to the exit. If there is a floor, it is necessary to start at the top first and then continue below. Inside the accommodation, it is best to use overshoes, or leave your shoes outside the accommodation and wear gloves to clean. It is also compulsory to disinfect all contact surfaces and floors, using a virucide complying with standard EN 14476 or bleach diluted with 0.5% active chlorine, i.e. 1 liter of 2.6% bleach and four liters of cold water. Finally, to avoid spreading the virus, the vacuum cleaner must be fitted with a very high efficiency filter for air particles – Hepa filter (high efficiency for air particles) -, otherwise, it is better to use a single-use impregnated headband detergent. The mops and cloths must be disposable or washed each time at 60 ° C in the same way as household linen. If they follow these principals , you will be safe in your apartment. Hope it helps.

Hope you can enjoy your vacation wherever it might be, and especially if in France! And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

June 14, 2020

King Jaime I the Conqueror in Valencia!

Ok so with several posts on Valencia and forgot this one. Ok nothing to make you lose time but if walking the city beat as we do and passing by so many beautiful architecture and history along the way, then this one is worth the detour.

Let me tell you a bit on the statue on King Jaime I the Conqueror in Valencia.

The old Plaza de la Aduana is now Plaça d’Alfons el Magnanim or Plaza Alfonso el Magnánimo, a large green space located in the heart of the city, opposite the Porta de la Mar . The gardens created in 1850 made up of large magnolia and aucaria trees, palm trees, giant ficus, and numerous botanical species. Among the vegetation there are numerous sculptures and busts, as well as an ornamental pond with aquatic plants and a fountain dedicated to Neptune. A very monumental cast iron statue presides over this square, dedicated to Jaime I the Conqueror, done in 1857 the sixth centenary of his death. Finally, it will be in 1891 said statue was located in the Parterre.


King Jaime I  the Conqueror, very much in the local fabric; he was  Jaime I de Aragon el  Conquistador ( Born Montpellier France in 1208 and died in Alcira in 1276) He was king of Aragon (1213-1276), of Valencia (1238-1276 and Mallorca (1229-1276), Count of Barcelona (1213-1276), Count of  Urgel,Lord of Montpellier (1219-1276),and other places in Occitania (covering France and Spain). Since it was built, the Parterre gardens have not undergone major changes. The Riada of 1957 forced to rebuild the garden; of the four ponds it had, only one remains.


The city of Valencia on the king and the prizes on cultural endeavors of King James I. City of Valencia on King Jaime I the Conqueror

So with all those titles and reigns I figure he deserves a post… Lovely garden, wonderful statue weighing they said 11,5 tons!  A lovely walk indeed, hope you do and enjoy it as we did.

And remember, happy travels, good healthj and many cheers to all!!!

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June 14, 2020

Monument to the Bersagliere at Porta Pia!

Ok so back to vibrant Italia or Italy we go. As my posts goes there is always something missing that deserves mention in a post of its own this one a case in point. As gone to Italy many times on business trips, this one was a family affairs that is memorable always.

Therefore, let me tell you a bit more on the Monument to the Bersagliere at Porta Pia in Rome! One of the great souvenirs when walking is done in a city.

The Porta Pia is a gate of Rome built between 1561-1565 in the Aurelian wall on order of Pope Pie IV of which it takes the name. Located between Porta Nomentana (now condemned) and Porta Salaria,it is an extension of Strada Pia following the layout of the ancient Alta Semita and gives access to via XX Settembre street. Completed in the 19C, it was the place of entry into Rome of the Risorgimento troops during the capture of Rome. The Porta Pia hosts within its walls the Historical Museum of the Bersaglieri (see post) as well as the tomb of Gino Lucetti an Italian hero of WWI.

What stroke me there is a huge statue or monument in the middle of the square  as we were walking back to our apartment.

The monument to the Bersagliere stands in the square in front of Porta Pia, not far from the historic breach opened in the Aurelian walls on 20 September 1870. The initiative to create a work to celebrate the Bersaglieri corps had been carried out by the National Bersaglieri Association since the 1920s, but it only materializes after the changed political situation in relations between the State and the Church with the signing of the Lateran Pacts. The competition for the construction of the monument was launched in 1930 and the results were carefully examined by Mussolini himself, demonstrating the willingness on the part of the political power to make precise choices in the field of monumental figurative language, identifying methods of representation deemed most appropriate. The work presented with its still 19C layout, constituted a realization that was easy to impact on the public and authentically interpreted the popular character of the Bersaglieri.  



The monument to the Bersagliere consists of an imposing bronze sculpture, 4 meters high, which depicts the Bersagliere snapping on the assault placed on a travertine base. On the larger sides of the same base there are bas-reliefs in Trani stone depicting characters and battles fought by the Bersaglieri: Ponte di Goito, Luciano Manara, Porta Pia (left); Sciara Sciat, Enrico Toti,and Riva di Villasanta.

The official webpage of the Bersagliere of  Rome: Bersagliere of Rome

The tourist office of Rome on museum and statue: Tourist office of Rome on the Bersagliere

And there you go now I feel better about our trip to Rome. The walking is awesome , the sights amazing, and the food mamma mia!!! We will be back. Hope you enjoy the tour of the Bersagliere and do see my other post on the museum.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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June 14, 2020

Justice and Health at Rome!!!

Oh well, here I go with my creativity again. Well, these are two wonderful building with nice architecture which I like and walked by them took a picture and now is a good time to show them to all. Happy walking in lovely Rome, Italy.

I like to tell you about a Justice and a Health establishment in Rome that I walked by and enjoy their silhouettes, hope you enjoy it as I do.

I walked by the Policlinico and even got off at the metro station of same name there on our way to our apartment ; just out into the street to do some walking we love. This health hospital or policlinico took our fancy. It is located in the Quartiere San Lorenzo neighborhood ;the Policlinico Umberto I of Rome is the polyclinic of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the Sapienza Università di Roma. The second largest public hospital in Italy. Its construction was promoted by Italian doctors and polititians in 1883 and completed 20 years later. The opening was presided by rector Luigi Galassi and by Umberto I of Italy, after whom it is named. It is served by the Policlinico Metro station.

This is their official webpage for contact who knows, or directions to see it ,,,, Policlinico Umberto I of Rome


Then,we went walking to one of our favorite squares or piazzas of Rome and found a striking building, we tried to see it only after realising is the justice palace or courthouse, well not really wanted to go in lol!

The Palace of Justice or Palazzo di Giustizia is the seat, in Rome, of the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation, of the council of the Bar Association of Rome and of the central legal library The palace is in the rione de Prati district, on the banks of the Tiber river, opposite the Umberto I Bridge, east of the Castel Sant’Angelo (see posts). The building was built from 1888 to 1910.The architecture of the building, whose plan is a quadrilateral of 170 meters by 155 meters, is inspired by the Renaissance and Baroque styles. It is entirely covered with limestone travertine. The facade overlooking the Tiber is surmounted by a large bronze quadriga posed in 1926; 10 largestatues of notable jurists adorn the ramps in front of the main facade and the interior courtyard. The upper part of the facade overlooking Piazza Cavour (photo) is decorated with the bronze coat of arms of the Savoy House The hall of the Supreme Court, also known as the Great Hall or Aula Maxima is decorated with several frescoes, work which was completed in 1918.

Again, hope you never need to use it but this is the official justice palace webpage in Italian : Court of Cassation or justice palace of Rome


And there you go folks, its me again, walking is wonderful in any city, town, village and Europe has plenty including the big cities like eternal Rome, and lovely Italy. Hope you enjoy walking by them and admire the architecture as we did.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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