Place des Ternes, Paris!

Hi , again giving you some of the faces of Paris bit by bit and fond of my memorable moments working in the city and visiting afterward. I had run a series of streets of Paris posts and fell was short,hehehe well you never finish with Paris. its eternal!!!  Therefore, here is my bit of take on the Place des Ternes.

The Place des Ternes is located touching the 8éme and 17éme arrondissements of Paris. It is located at the crossroads of avenue de Wagram, boulevard de Courcelles, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré and avenue des Ternes, near place de l’Etoile. Its site is served by the line 2 at the Ternes metro station, located in the middle of the square.


It takes its name from its neighborhood with the avenue des Ternes which crossed the old hamlet of Ternes. The place is pierced and takes its current name in 1893 on the right-of-way of part of the avenue de Wagram. The square is located on the site of the old granting barrier, the Barriére du Roule. It is famous for having seen Louis the XVI captured on his return from Varennes.  This Roule barrier was a tall building of four fronts on a fronton of a very impressive strong look . From 1860 ,the 55 barriers that encircled Paris were demolished   one after the other.

The Ternes neighborhood or quartier is the 65th of Paris, and located in the 17éme arrondissement or district. It is also considered one of the most posh in Paris. It is crossed right through by the avenue des Ternes which has formed its central axis for centuries. In Ternes, the first urban nucleus was not formed around a religious establishment but a feudal residence. The origins it was a farm between between Haut Roule and the forest of Rouvray (Bois de Boulogne) called villa externa   This property came into ownership by the Castle of Ternes belonging to Neuilly , and annexed to Paris in 1860.

I come here when not already in Paris, by car, and do find nice one underground. Very clean, airy and huge parking lot. Located at 38 avenue des Ternes with the pedestrian access is located right on avenue des Ternes. To access the reception, take the staircase E and descend to level – 2 (minus 2).

Well for a change no webpages as Paris does not show the square too bad for them. Here is the parking above thus; happy motoring::) Park Indigo Ternes Paris

I hope you enjoy the brief introduction to one of Paris’s best, the Place des Ternes. And do walk it, superbe neighborhood. I have posts on things around there including eateries.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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