La Vuelta de España 2020! bike race

In one of previous Some news from Spain series I mentioned the Vuelta de España bike race for 2020. I copy the writing here for reference. Something follow for more years that I like to count , La Vuelta! More in official webpage in English:  Official La Vuelta cycling event of Spain

The organization of La Vuelta bike race of Spain, in agreement with the UCI (International Cycling Union), agreed to postpone the 75th edition of the race. The Vuelta was originally to be held between August 14 and September 6, departing from the Netherlands. However, the forced reorganization of the annual cycling calendar, following the world health crisis caused by COVID-19, has forced a change in plans. The Vuelta 2020 will be held in autumn, on dates yet to be determined, it will have 18 stages and will start in the Basque Country. The start the Spanish round with the Irun – Arrate stage. Eibar in the reorganization of the calendar with the exceptional variable of a 20-day Tour and not with the 23 initially planned. The 75th edition of La Vuelta will be marked as a historic race in many ways. It will be the first time in the last 35 years that it has less than 21 stages. The last time this circumstance occurred was in 1985, in an edition that had 19 stages. Likewise, for the first time since Unipublic took over the race in 1979, La Vuelta will start in the Basque Country. The Basque Country had spent almost five decades without hosting a first stage of the race. In 1961, La Vuelta started in San Sebastián, with a team time trial with a start and finish in the city of San Sebastián.

The new dates have been announced on the new schedule of the Vuelta 2020 due to the wuhan virus.

It will start on October 20 in Irún and end on November 8 in Madrid, with 18 stages, a lot of mountains, a time trial with a trap … and pending the weather. Due to the cancellation of the start in the Netherlands, they set up a course that continues to maintain many of its attractions. Its complete layout in the north of the peninsula makes the climate one more element to take into account.

Stage 1. Irún-Arrate (Tuesday, October 20);

Stage 2. Pamplona-Lekunberri (Wednesday, October 21);

Stage 3. Lodosa-Laguna Negra (Thursday, October 22),

Stage 4. Garray-Ejea de los Caballeros (Friday, October 23), going to barren land and lots of memories;

Stage 5. Huesca-Sabiñánigo (Saturday, October 24), great run!

Stage 6. Biescas-Tourmalet (Sunday, October 25),

Stage 7. Vitoria-Villanueva de Valdegobia (Tuesday, October 27);

Stage 8. Logroño-Moncalvillo (Wednesday, October 28), wine galore;

Stage 9. Castrillo-Aguilar de Campoo (Thursday, October 29);

Stage 10. Castro Urdiales-Suances (Friday, October 30);

Stage 11. Villaviciosa-La Farrapona (Saturday, October 31);

Stage 12. Pola de Laviana-Angliru (Sunday, November 1);

Stage 13. CRI Muros-Ézaro (Tuesday, November 3);

Stage 14. Lugo-Ourense (Wednesday, November 4), I sing to Galicia! ;

Stage 15. Mos-Puebla de Sanabria (Thursday, November 5);

Stage 16. Salamanca-Ciudad Rodrigo (Friday, November 6), study hard!

Stage 17. Sequeros-La Covatilla (Saturday, November 7);

Stage 18. Madrid-Madrid (Sunday, November 8); to Madrid to heaven and a hole in the sky to look down on it everyday !!

And there you go folks, all ready finally. This time should be it, and do not know if can go at that time but have Spanish TV in my house so should see it anyway. Enjoy the Vuelta of Spain bike race sublime.

Hope you are able to enjoy on site or on TV, should be a good one as always. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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