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June 10, 2020

You are hungry at the Domaine de Versailles?

Ok so I have mentioned a lot on Versailles and the Domaine de Versailles (all inclusive palace, trianons hameau, orangerie etc) .However, I have not told you enough as to what to eat inside! With a long tour of the place and to really see it all you need 3 days (forget the rush of glitters) you will be hungry. Therefore, let me tell about what is to eat at the Domaine de Versailles.

You have several kiosks or stand to ease your thirst or hunger along the alleys.  By avenue de Trianon and allée des 2 Trianons, before the Grand Trianon there is a fresh orange juice stand or cart as well as one by the avenue de Petit Trianon near the Petit Trianon. There is an ice cream cart by the avenue de Trianon and allée Saint Antoine. A great area we love is the picnic area by the allée Saint Antoine take left into the allée des Moutons. This is on the other side of the wall facing far the Hameau of Marie Antoinette. There is another ice cream cart by the Grand Canal allée de la Reine across from the boat rides port.

There is a La Gourmandise de La Petit Venice (sweet candies store); this take-away point of sale offers homemade ice cream, sweet products such as waffles, pancakes, etc, cakes and hot drinks. Really a break from the walks in the domaine of Versailles! Across the Orangerie passing the road D10 or Route de Saint Cyr you have another nice picnic area on the Piéce d’eau des Suisses (see post).

Now you have the heavy hitters coming in like Alain Ducasse. Ore – Ducasse , this is new restaurant not try yet, it is at the Pavillon Dufour and entrance on the cour des Princes. A 17C pavilion located in the heart of the Palace of Versailles. Alain Ducasse is the Sun King of these places, enforcing the culinary law we know about him: that of naturalness, and a constantly renewed homage to the beautiful product. More here: ORE Ducasse at Versailles

The Terrasse de la Petit Venice offers food at the counter, on site or to take away: Picnic, ice cream, waffles, to be enjoyed facing the Grand Canal!!! Another nice break from the walks and continue…walking! More here: La Terrasse de la Petite Venice by Ducasse

The Grand Café d’Orléans ,entrance by the cour des Princes. This one was one of the first experience eating in the Domaine of Versailles but over the years it has gone up in prices. In the Aile du Midi or south wing, the Grand Café d’Orléans offers a contemporary setting for your dining pleasure and events while preserving the historic spirit of the place. It was built between 1678 and 1682, the Aile du Midi is part of the palace extension project requested by Louis XIV from the architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart, for the permanent installation of the Court in Versailles. It housed the blood princes, and more recently the parliamentarians. It is a practical place, where you can rest after a visit, have a tea and eat on the go (sandwiches, quiches, salads, pasta, cakes, …). The decor is sober and contemporary, which makes it a rather curious stop in the midst of the sumptuous gilding of the Palace of the Sun King. More here: Grand Café d’Orléans Versailles more of Ducasse

The Restaurant La Petite Venice is one of my favorites there over the years, it is between the Grand Canal and the Bassin d’Apollon. It is in the former stables, Italian and bucolic cuisine will be offered. Created in 1694, two years after the impoundment of the Grand Canal, this set was intended to house the shipbuilding sheds. The warships coming from Marseille or Le Havre were assembled there, and rubbed shoulders with a more recreational flotilla. Indeed, the royal walks were carried out in gondolas imported from Venice, reflecting the court’s fascination with the city of the Doges. The site of La Petite Venice or little Venice, where the corporation of the sailors of Versailles, dissolved after the French revolution, was transformed into stables under Louis Philippe. This is how two hundred years later, gastronomy takes over the place. In Summer, the shaded terrace of La Petite Venice is an ideal place to share a lunch with family and friends! Indeed!! More here: La Petite Venice at Versailles


The Restaurant La Flotille facing the Grand Canal is another of our favorite food hangouts in the Domaine of Versailles. For a total change of scenery! As a family or as a couple, let yourself be carried away by different atmospheres: on the terrace with a view of the gardens of the Palace of Versailles or indoors, enjoying a 1900s decoration, a large shaded terrace as well than a tea room. And from the first rays of the sun, we come to the Flotilla at the end of the afternoon to enjoy time for a tea from the tranquility of the large shaded terrace, right by the water while enjoying an ice cream. You might as well take advantage of the place a little more, because the concession ends in 2021 and it is not known who will take over the exploitation of the place. Oh yes need to be back before it might be more commercialised! More here: Restaurant La Flottille at Versailles


Restaurant and Salon de thé Angelina at the first floor ( 2nd US) in the Pavillon d’Orléans, entrance by the cour Royale or at the end of the circuit of Grands Appartements. On a 700 m² space, welcome you and offer you a savory and sweet offer, adapted to each moment of the day. Open since 2011 within the grounds of Château de Versailles. Also discover a boutique area offering sweet delicatessen products, an ideal souvenir of your visit to the Château. Do not go without trying the hot chocolate L’Africain (African) or the Mont-Blanc ,the essential sweet wonder of the Angelina tea room! And not the least the bourbon vanilla millefeuille, Saint-Honoré!! Salut! More here: Angelina on Angelina in Versailles

 And the official Château de Versailles on practical information in English for your up to date info on visits here: Chateau de Versailles on practical information

And there you go folks , a wonderful experience indeed, the ultimate in France on the most beautiful palace of them all. Often imitated elsewhere but never equalled the Domaine de Versailles is for the world to see at least once in your lifetime. And of course, with the above you won’t go hungry or thirsty for all the time you need to see this marvel of our times. Hope you enjoy the culinary tour by yours truly.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

June 10, 2020

A bit more on the Grand Trianon !!

I will take on the Grand Trianon on this post.  Of course, plenty more in my blog but just found older photos like to show them here as additional information on these wonderful mansions. This is  a wonderful huge property seen best from the side of the ave de Versailles, by the Porte Saint Antoine. Taking Bus 19 from ave St Cloud corner with ave de l’Europe to stop Arboretum/Parly II, and walking about 300 meters to the gate. Versailles is it!!!

Going over the rooms of which the pictures are let me start with the Grand Trianon.

The Galerie de la Cotelle or Cotelle gallery was done in  1687. It was ordered 24 paintings illustrating the groves and fountains of the gardens of Versailles. 21 of these paintings are of the painter Jean Cosuch. The room is 52 meters long and 7 meters wide. It communicates with the so-called Trianon-sous-Bois wing. It was built to serve as a reception room. Under the Empire, it housed a collection of model boats; under Louis-Philippe, a collection of bronze and art objects.   As in the past, this gallery is now and then used for official receptions. So it is quite often closed to the public.


The Salon de Compagnie or companion lounge is adorned with Louis XV monogram paneling, composed of flowers. Marie-Antoinette gathered her friends here to chat, sing or play.


The Salon de famille de Louis Philippe. This large living room was created by Louis-Philippe from two existing pieces. The king and his family, who loved to stay in Trianon, met in the evening in this room furnished in the spirit of the times: game and work tables, upholstered seats and sofas covered with yellow cane with blue pattern.


The Château de Versailles on the Grand Trianon: Château de Versailles on the Grand Trianon

The city of Versailles tourist office on the Grand Trianon: City of Versailles tourist office on the Grand Trianon

And there you go, some additional information on of course my favorite Domaine (including palace, trianon, hameau etc) of which I am lucky enough to call it my town for almost 10 years before moving to the Morbihan Breton. Hope you enjoy the Grand Trianon of Versailles.

The Château de Versailles on the Petit Trianon: Château de Versailles on the Petit Trianon

The city of Versailles tourist office on the Petit Trianon: City of Versailles tourist office on the Petit Trianon

And there you go a dandy in beautiful Versailles, the most Royal of all French cities and the base of the new French constitution. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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