St Colomban Chapel, Carnac!

Well there you know that we are allowed to go out again in force! We of course, hit the beaches, but not just the water. Driving my wonderful road warrior way thru villages of my Morbihan and even in well known and posted in my blog such as Carnac,,,well there is always something wonderful in my beloved Morbihan of my lovely Bretagne and my belle France. 

I like to tell you a bit on a chapel but not just any chapel, according to the locals, this is the Saint Colomban Chapel and it has also a wonderful beach by the same name too!

The Chapelle de Saint-Colomban Chapel is located in the hamlet of the same name, in Carnac. The chapel was built at the end of the 16C; however, the dating is not absolute. This chapel is dedicated to the Irish monk Colomban de Luxeuil (my town had one since 506!) who would have landed in the Carnac region around 610. His ministry made him a patron saint of the weak spirit, which explains the customs still present in the early 20C.


The Saint Colomban Chapel is built in the flamboyant Gothic style and is in the form of a nave about twenty meters long, to which is added, a transept separated from the nave by an ogival arch, this houses an altar dedicated to the Virgin. The north door is dated 1621, but it is after construction, possibly dating from the first restoration of the chapel. Under a brace is a coat of arms carrying a cross loaded with nine twins; coat of arms of the Larlan family, and on a wall a coat of arms with three greyhounds, carried by two angels; coat of arms of the Champion family, the two families who built the Chapel. The western facade is surmounted by a bell tower, pierced with bays and decorated with four pinnacles, and an octagonal turret, in which is housed a spiral staircase. The walls of the nave are decorated with graffiti representing ships. It is the representation of two English carracks from the 16C which would make them the oldest in the Morbihan. This could refer to a British incursion which took place in Locmariaquer in 1548.

A pardon is organized on the first Sunday of August. In addition, entry is free every day in July and August and on request the rest of the year. We will surely be back for the interior. At the same time as the construction of the chapel, was built at around 330 meters, the Saint-Colomban Fountain being part of the same religious complex.

The tourist office of Carnac on its chapels including Saint ColombanTourist office of Carnac on St Colomban Chapel

The tourist office of Carnac on St Colomban Chapel in English: Tourist office of Carnac on St Colomban Chapel

Another gem right smack in a village, of very narrow streets just enough for my car lol! The real driving spirit, and be able to easily and effortless see this marvels is a priviledge I feel lucky. Hope you enjoy the post on the St Colomban Chapel of Carnac

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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