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June 7, 2020

The Kasino of Quiberon!

And I bring to something not for everyone but folks like me do come once in a while. Along the coast especially in the Morbihan dept 56 there are several casinos; many belong to a grand group and some like the Kasino of Quiberon with the K belongs to a group of Breton investors who bought this one and change from the C to the K. We love the one in Quiberon right on a promontory overlooking the beach.

I touch briefly on it in previous post let me enlarge the choices here and tell you a bit more on the Kasino de Quiberon.

The Kasino de Quiberon sitting along the coast, on boulevard René Cassin only a few hundred meters from the city center, where you will find something to entertain you.


In terms of slot machines, you will find 75 of the latest generation like classic reels. Fans of table games can meet around the Blackjack and Boule tables. Electronic Roulette stations are also available.

Take a break between two games to relax in the bar, separating the room from the restaurant, to discover one of the many cocktails on offer. Lulled by ambient music, the place lends itself to discussion around a large counter, in the morning with a coffee, at noon and in the evening for an aperitif. Musical entertainment intensifies the festivities every Friday evening from 8 p.m. Every Tuesday & Wednesday, retransmission of matches on the big screen! Our take there!!


Enjoy the kasino restaurant  with an exceptional view of the Belle-Ile-en-Mer (biggest island of the Morbihan sitting out in the Atlantic Ocean after out from the Gulf of Morbihan!) . You can taste dishes from local, land or sea products. The setting is more than pleasant. Large bay windows give you a breathtaking view of the sea. It is open for lunch and dinner until   22h30, except Tuesday and Wednesday in low season.


The management reserves the right of entry in the event of an invalid identity card or inappropriate attire. Hours are: Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday Thursday from 10h to 02H. Friday,Saturday 10h to 04H, and Sunday from 10h to 02h..

Of course we come here often with the family after a day on the beach for a late game of football/soccer or rugby in the bar with further enjoyment of the sea , great company good drinks and relax family ambiance. Is an alternative in Quiberon and worth the detour me think. Hope you enjoy the brief introduction.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

Official Kasino de QuiberonKasino de Quiberon

The tourist office of the Bay of Quiberon on the casino: Tourism Bay of Quiberon on the casino

Main office of the Kasinos of Bretagne locations here: Kasinos de Bretagne locations

And for the record the owner organisation of all these kasinos is Societe Bretonne D’exploitation De Casinos – Sbec; 13 Boulevard DE LA MER, 22240,  FREHEL.

And again, another nice spot to spend some time while going to the beach and especially mix up with night outings, the Kasino of Quiberon is nice and a great location. Hope you enjoy it as we do.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

June 7, 2020

Grande Plage, Quiberon!!!

Ok so if one day you are passing near me and head for the beaches, you will probably won’t need to contact me just go directly to the Grande Plage or big beach of Quiberon. We were there again even in these times and spoked with locals all ready willing and eager to start again hopefully by the time you read this post in advance June 2nd 2020.

It’s full of nice people in the businesses , not one disappointment on the 9 years we have already spent in this part of my belle France. This is the Morbihan dept 56 of Bretagne and this is the Big Beach of Quiberon!

I have done posts on it briefs and long over the years but never tired of telling the ambiance here is super family oriented and great night entertainment as well for the young and restless or young at heart! Let me tell you a bit more on the Grande Plage of the town of Quiberon in the Presqu’ïle or peninsula of Quiberon!

We headed first for our buddy at the L’Esplanade Café at pl Hoche just before stepping down into the Grande Plage. He was there getting ready for the govt to allow him to re open on june 2nd. We really missed our Belzebuth beers lol!As they said in the movie, we will be back!


The Grande Plage is 900 meters of fine sand! This beach, in the heart of the resort, is accessible to all and has a parking for bicycles, a carpet and an armchair hipocampe for people with reduced mobility. In summer it offers a kids’ club and a beach bar. For your safety this beach is supervised in the summer and has a first aid station. Showers and toilets. We do enjoy the Grande plage or big beach, the center of it all here. It has kiddies areas, and grownups. Large beach with white sandy sands and wide enough to play games. This our favorite as it comes with easy parking, great eating/drinking places and very nice people. Can’t tell you enough.



Oh yes there is Le Fisher beach club right on the beach serving well even Mumm’s Champagne with classe. Of course, today was empty and so eerie a sad feeling , businesses need to flourish so we can have fun and make families happy I love that. Looking forward to June 2nd!!!


Again, in summer there is still but rather unfinance Tire Bouchon train that comes from Auray to the station in Quiberon and walk to the Grande Plage in minutes easy. The train stop at Auray from Paris Montparnasse. There is , also, a bus line 1 from Auray train station to the gare maritime or cruise terminal in Quiberon right off the Grande Plage. The rest of the year you have still the bus and the car. Come off the expressway N165 get on exit 33 direction Quiberon, follow it on the road D768 always on the Quiberon panels .a straight line between the seas, that is what a peninsula is surrounded by water and gorgeous views.

The D768 road will take you right into city center or centre ville right past the wonderful Church Notre Dame de Locmaria (see post). Go around it on the right hand side. This is the D200 road or Rue de Verdun until you reach panel saying Parking Varquez it is our favorite walk to the Grande Plage unless it is a Saturday market day  (held at the parking) the rest parking is ok if come early in Summer or plenty the rest of the year.  Walk down Place Hoche right by the statue of Gen Hoche you see L’Esplanade Cafe as above. and you are facing the Grande Plage or big beach, full ambiance go for it. Hope you like the post as we do and do come to enjoy the beach activities day or night.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip are

The tourist office of the Bay of Quiberon on the Grande Plage in English: Bay of Quiberon on the Grande Plage

My favorite Plages TV on the Grande Plage beach in English: Plages TV on the Grande Plage

Well cannot guarantee it will work all the time but this is Viewsurf webcam on the Grande Plage;enjoy it: Viewsurf webcam on the Grande Plage

Hope you enjoy the beach this summer anywhere but if by here the Grande Plage is all you need. The best in Quiberon in my opinion and been all over here by now. Hopefully, we can meet around here ::)

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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