Parque San Julian, Cuenca!

Well this is another soft spot for us, as spent many vacations there over the years and even with the family in Summers. Cuenca is Unesco heritage site but it has more a  lot more. We like to walk a lot , we always figure is the best way to see a city once in it. The architecture and the city comes out alive right in front of your eyes with time to indulge on its past.

However, once in a while we stop by the greens of the city, the parks and gardens , the lungs of any city. Cuenca is no different and here we have very nice memorable moments with the family. I have written many many posts on Cuenca and surrounding, but again failed to tell you more about the Parque San Julian in city center, and it is time.

For the geographical part, Cuenca is in the Province of Cuenca, Castilla La Mancha autonomous region of the kingdom of  Spain. The parque San Julian is in still the old to new lower town right next to several government buildings including the main post office. Very close to important streets such as Carretería, Tintes, Aguirre or Las Torres, and located a few minutes from the Old Town of Cuenca.


A fundamental enclave in the social life of Cuenca. Venue of pleasant walks, moments of relaxation and classy events. It saw the light in the old orchards of the Huécar river, back in the 1920s when known as Canalejas park. Since then, almost 100 years later, it continues to be frequented every day by dozens of people.. Its has restaurant terraces for a drink on the hot summer days under the shades of the imposing trees of Parque San Julian.. The expansion of the city in its lower part, where formerly there were only vegetable gardens. This is how Carretería arises and what we understand as the Cuenca expansion, that is, Parque San Julián and surroundings.

The mosaic of a part of the temple, as well as housing unique plant species, outdoor sculptural works by Luis Marco Pérez and bronze fountains, still in operation. Housing statures and busts, sometimes too hidden, of characters that were important in the city. The Parque San Julián park, has always been that, the just the parque or park. Much of the population of Cuenca gives it from the moment it becomes something very significant for this city: a meeting place for people of all ages and conditions, an unbeatable stage for all kinds of shows, a showcase for different cultural activities, a platform to publicize the most diverse ideas, proposals, etc. or simply an oasis in the middle of the desert.

The parque San Julián, as had been announced some time ago, will be the first two spaces in the city center to be reformed with part of the funds from the Sustainable Urban Development Strategy (Edusi), for which the Cuenca City Council has announced the convening of an ideas competition. So you better act quickly before its all change for the worse me think.  It was a resting place after a long walk in the city or a place for lunch while doing our rounds on foot. The family enjoyed much and always each time there made plans for a stop. Memories forever with my dear late wife Martine.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did/do and visit once in town for the bigger monuments already mentioned in my previous posts on Cuenca. The parque San Julian is very nice indeed.

For reference, tourist office of CuencaTourist office of Cuenca

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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