Church of Saint Patern,Séné!!!

So on a sunny day let me bring back a town close and dear with a monument seldom mentioned if briefly in my previous posts. I like to tell you a bit on Séné, and then the Church of Saint Patern of Séné.

Séné is located in the department 56 of the Morbihan, in the region of Bretagne. It is at the bottom of the Gulf of Morbihan, bounded to the west by the city of Vannes and to the east by the town of Theix-Noyalo  from which it is physically separated by the Noyalo river. There is very nice roads here and for public transport (not taken) you have the Bus served by line 7 of Kiceo network of Vannes as well as 3, 5 and 10 (Poulfanc) passes by as well. On arrival at Vannes train station (from Paris Montparnasse for example), take bus line 7 “Saint-Avé – Le Dôme / Séné Ajoncs” in the direction of Séné-Ajoncs.

I have written on some of the things to see here so will just recap now ; the dolmen of Gornevése (megalith stone), smaller castles and Crosses, and the national nature reserve of the marshes of Séné: the reserve protects 530 hectares of a diversified natural area: mud flats, meadows, salt flats, and especially the largest marshes in the region. Also the lovely Port-Anna ,it is the last fishing port of the Gulf of Morbihan . The beaches of Moustérian, Pointe du Bill, Montsarrac and Barrarac’h , and two picturesque peninsulas ,the Séné peninsula and the Villeneuve peninsula.

The city of  Séné on its remarkable sites not the Church unfortunately here. City of Sene on best things to see they think

The city of Séné with several tourist brochures you can print here: City of Séné on tourist practical info

The tourist office of the Gulf of Morbihan on things to do and see at Séné in French: Tourist office Gulf of Morbihan on Séné

What I like to write on this post is on a nice monument seldom mentioned but worth the detour me think for its architecture and history I like. Info translated taken from Church brochures and books on it. I like to say, there is same name church in Vannes  (see post) of which this is the diocese as St Patern is one of the founding  bishoprics of Brittany and first bishop of Vannes.

The current Church of Saint Patern was built between  1878 and 1886.  The belltower is a bit truncated at 50 meters and a lot of granite stone in construction of Gothic and Roman traces . The Church of Saint-Patern is located in the heart of the town of Séné. It is in the form of a Latin cross, measuring 45 meters in length for a width of 30 meters at transept. Preceded by the bell tower, the nave develops into three bays. On the wings of the transept are grafted two apsidioles or small chapels on the south side and the heart, flanked by two sacristies, ends with a polygonal bedside.  The Church of Saint-Patern presents under its domes adorned with stained glass windows, one of which restores the episode of the miraculous fishing, two models. The first is a very nice three-mast boats from the beginning of the 19C under great bulwark, the Guardian Angel boat.  The second ex-voto is a Sinagot, a boat typical of the Gulf of Morbihan, offering a black hull with a red-winged tapered line, registered in Vannes, the Saint-Louis.  This boat of Séné, of type Querrien, is the latest evolution dating from the 1920’s. There are very few votive models of this kind, if not two others, older, preserved in Sainte-Anne d’Auray. A stained glass window under a dome of the Church  of Saint Patern restores the scene of the miraculous fishing  with Jesus and his disciples.




And there you go another nice monument in my wonderfully beautiful Morbihan breton and very near me and go often to Séné. Enjoy the tour!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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