Théâtre de la ville de Paris: Espace Cardin!

So this is wonderful in Paris ,even if I myself need to do it more, it has been done. Theaters in Paris, the fact of the areas are all romantic and quaint, and the shows are of historical significance in a historical building and of course ,Paris makes it all worth.

This is an interesting place that I have not been for theater plays but for conferences , and of course passed several times as it is quasi diagonal to the US Consulat/Embassy. Let me tell you a bit more on the Theater of the city of Paris Espace Pierre Cardin.

The Theatre de la ville de Paris- Espace Cardin is at 1, avenue Gabriel 8éme arrondissement and quartier Champs-Elysées, and just at corner of the Place de la Concorde. There is plenty to get here such as the metro Line 1,8,and 12 stop Concorde exit 7 Avenue Gabriel and metro lines 1 and 13 stop Champs-Elysées-Clemenceau. Also, bus lines 24, 42, 52, 72, 73, 84 and 94  stop Place de la Concorde. Of course I have come by car too and for many other things as well my parking is underneath the Place de la Concorde and Indigo 3608 parking. I must say that bus line 73 is wonderful from a tourist point of view.


The Espace Pierre-Cardin, former café des Ambassadeurs, then theater and restaurant of the Ambassadors, is a place composed of a theater, a cinema, a multipurpose room and a gallery and property of the city of Paris.

The construction of the café des Ambassadeurs or Ambassadors’ café was authorized on the site of the current Pierre-Cardin space in 1772 by Father Terray, controller general of finance. This cafe owed its name to the hotels built by the architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel on the edge of the Place de la Concorde, hotels that were supposed to serve as accommodation for foreign ambassadors. One of them ,the USA Embassy at Avenue Gabriel. From 1897 to 1914, reviews/plays were played there. These continued after the Great War or WWI, until the Café des Ambassadeurs was demolished in 1929, and replaced by a theater built in 1931 also called Ambassadeurs and a new restaurant, bearing the same name.

The first show in May 1926 coming directly from London and New York, Blackbirds by Lew Leslie and his troop, Florence Mills plays the main role. It was well done the new ambassadors the most famous night meeting of the world for the rich and the celebrities. Among the biggest French stars, who attend the show we can mention Maurice Chevalier, Sacha Guitry, Yvonne Vallée, the Dolly Sisters, Raquel Meller and even Joséphine Baker. It becomes a model for all future theater-restaurant operations that were to flourish in the 1930s.

At the end of the 1928 season, the owner Sayag renovated the Ambassadors and built a larger building around the existing building, creating two equal parts of the music hall and the restaurant with a common stage. Cole Porter created La Revue des ambassadeurs, May 10, 1928. The Ambassadors ‘Conferences given by personalities from the political, diplomatic or business worlds are organized at the Ambassadors’ theater, notably on the initiative of André David, Jules Cambon, François de Menthon, Pierre-Henri Teitgen, Marie-Claude Vaillant – Coutourier. In 1938, Henri Bernstein took over the Théâtre des Ambassadeurs until his exile in June 1940 for the United States. He leaves the theater in the hands of his secretary Madame Refoulé. From 1940 to 1944, the theater was directed by the actress of Romanian origin Alice Cocéa who was criticized at the Liberation for her attitude under the Occupation.

Official Theater of the city of Paris space Pierre Cardin here: Théâtre de la ville de Paris Espace Cardin

Theater online webpage on reviews of the Theater of the city of Paris space Pierre Cardin in French: Theater on line on Espace Cardin

And there you go folks, something unique and can include in the off the beaten path section for Paris, as so near famous places and embassies it is many times overlook by visitors. However, a magical place, with history and architecture to boot and so near the Place de la Concorde and Avenue des Champs Elyssés it is magical Paris indeed. Hope you enjoy it and do visit one day the Théâtre de la ville de Paris-Espace Cardin! 

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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