The Church of Saint François Xavier des Missions étrangères ,Paris!

Oh well figure plenty of streets for now ::) Paris has so much to offer will need a blog just for it and some do… It is very attaching by all sometimes so much neglicting the rest of France. Oh well , anyway after my rant, I am back in Paris but for some monument off the beaten path!

The Church of Saint François Xavier des Missions étrangères is one of them and even if briefly by there ,it is nevertheless a wonderful monument to see in your walks in Paris! Which of course, is recommended to do, walk it!

The Church of Saint François Xavier des Missions étrangères or Saint Francis Xavier of the Foreign Missions, one of the largest churches in Paris, is very representative of the architecture of the end of the 19C. The Saint-François-Xavier Church is located place du Président-Mithouard in the 7éme arrondissement and along Boulevard des Invalides, at Place du Président-Mithouard and Place André-Tardieu. It is surrounded by square Pierre-de-Gaulle and square de l’Abbé-Esquerré. It is served by metro line 13 at Saint-François-Xavier station and by lines 82 (my usual one lately) and 87 of RATP bus network.


A bit on the construction: Work begins in 1861 ,and the fine-grained and tight stones used in the construction come from the underground quarries of Bagneux. The church was completed in 1873, with the exception of its interior decoration; and opened for worship in 1874 and then consecrated on May 23, 1894.. The pediment,has Saint-François Xavier baptizing the inhabitants of India and Japan. The Church of Saint François Xavier for short is in the Neo-Renaissance style, the central part of the facade is flanked by two square towers. From a classical plan, the church has a metal frame allowing the vault to rest directly on the side walls. There are therefore no aisles or flying buttresses. Side chapels punctuate the sides, while the axial chapel houses a statue of the Virgin.

The Church of Saint François Xavier is the place of worship of the parish of Saint-François-Xavier-des-Missions-Étrangères since 1842; before the construction of the church, its place of worship was the current Chapelle de l’Épiphanie des Missions étrangères de Paris or the Chapel of the Epiphany of the Missions Paris foreign offices located at 128, rue du Bac.

The wonderful thing here is the shrine containing the body of Saint Madeleine-Sophie Barat, founder in 1800 of the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Congregation of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart) which was transferred to this church in 2009,on the Feast of the Sacred Heart. The direction of the congregation had indeed decided to install the shrine in this church which is next to the buildings where Madeleine-Sophie lived, such as the seat of the congregation ; today the Rodin museum, and the educational establishment for young girls, today lycée Victor-Duruy (high school).

The Church Saint François Xavier contains many beautiful works of art,not to be photograh , including: The Last Supper, by Le Tintoret ; The Virgin and Child with Saint John the Baptist and Saint Geneviève,by Lubin Baugin , La Communion, by Henry Lerolle , Christ in the shroud, by Alfred-Charles Lenoir , and Le Miracle of Saint Francis Xavier, by Benedetto Gennari the Younger. The organs were built in 1878, revised by Cavaillé-Coll in 1890, then by the Ephrem and Gonzalez builders in 1923. Bernard Dargassies completely restored them in 1993. The restored organs were inaugurated on April 10 1996.

The webpage site of Church of Saint-François-Xavier-des-Missions-Étrangères in French: Parish webpage of Church St François Xavier

The Catholic parishes of Paris in French includes ST François Xavier: Catholic parishes of Paris includes St François Xavier

There is no tourist related webpage for it as it is off the beaten path but worth seeing while walking in its wonderful neighborhood of the garden of Avenue de Breteuil just behind the church all the way to the Invalides. Hope you enjoy the Church of Saint-François-Xavier-des-Missions-Étrangères!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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