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May 18, 2020

The Church of Saint François Xavier des Missions étrangères ,Paris!

Oh well figure plenty of streets for now ::) Paris has so much to offer will need a blog just for it and some do… It is very attaching by all sometimes so much neglicting the rest of France. Oh well , anyway after my rant, I am back in Paris but for some monument off the beaten path!

The Church of Saint François Xavier des Missions étrangères is one of them and even if briefly by there ,it is nevertheless a wonderful monument to see in your walks in Paris! Which of course, is recommended to do, walk it!

The Church of Saint François Xavier des Missions étrangères or Saint Francis Xavier of the Foreign Missions, one of the largest churches in Paris, is very representative of the architecture of the end of the 19C. The Saint-François-Xavier Church is located place du Président-Mithouard in the 7éme arrondissement and along Boulevard des Invalides, at Place du Président-Mithouard and Place André-Tardieu. It is surrounded by square Pierre-de-Gaulle and square de l’Abbé-Esquerré. It is served by metro line 13 at Saint-François-Xavier station and by lines 82 (my usual one lately) and 87 of RATP bus network.


A bit on the construction: Work begins in 1861 ,and the fine-grained and tight stones used in the construction come from the underground quarries of Bagneux. The church was completed in 1873, with the exception of its interior decoration; and opened for worship in 1874 and then consecrated on May 23, 1894.. The pediment,has Saint-François Xavier baptizing the inhabitants of India and Japan. The Church of Saint François Xavier for short is in the Neo-Renaissance style, the central part of the facade is flanked by two square towers. From a classical plan, the church has a metal frame allowing the vault to rest directly on the side walls. There are therefore no aisles or flying buttresses. Side chapels punctuate the sides, while the axial chapel houses a statue of the Virgin.

The Church of Saint François Xavier is the place of worship of the parish of Saint-François-Xavier-des-Missions-Étrangères since 1842; before the construction of the church, its place of worship was the current Chapelle de l’Épiphanie des Missions étrangères de Paris or the Chapel of the Epiphany of the Missions Paris foreign offices located at 128, rue du Bac.

The wonderful thing here is the shrine containing the body of Saint Madeleine-Sophie Barat, founder in 1800 of the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Congregation of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart) which was transferred to this church in 2009,on the Feast of the Sacred Heart. The direction of the congregation had indeed decided to install the shrine in this church which is next to the buildings where Madeleine-Sophie lived, such as the seat of the congregation ; today the Rodin museum, and the educational establishment for young girls, today lycée Victor-Duruy (high school).

The Church Saint François Xavier contains many beautiful works of art,not to be photograh , including: The Last Supper, by Le Tintoret ; The Virgin and Child with Saint John the Baptist and Saint Geneviève,by Lubin Baugin , La Communion, by Henry Lerolle , Christ in the shroud, by Alfred-Charles Lenoir , and Le Miracle of Saint Francis Xavier, by Benedetto Gennari the Younger. The organs were built in 1878, revised by Cavaillé-Coll in 1890, then by the Ephrem and Gonzalez builders in 1923. Bernard Dargassies completely restored them in 1993. The restored organs were inaugurated on April 10 1996.

The webpage site of Church of Saint-François-Xavier-des-Missions-Étrangères in French: Parish webpage of Church St François Xavier

The Catholic parishes of Paris in French includes ST François Xavier: Catholic parishes of Paris includes St François Xavier

There is no tourist related webpage for it as it is off the beaten path but worth seeing while walking in its wonderful neighborhood of the garden of Avenue de Breteuil just behind the church all the way to the Invalides. Hope you enjoy the Church of Saint-François-Xavier-des-Missions-Étrangères!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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May 18, 2020

And after the virus at Pluvigner!

So now its about time I do my minutes on the current or past depending when you read this of the covid19, coronavirus, or wuhan virus your choice.  My town ,Pluvigner, as you have read before in my blog is a small town of about 7K folks inland Morbihan dept 56 of the region of Bretagne on the west of France. We are up the alley between the south and north coasts with beaches closer on the south side.

You probably should have read all the commotion about the virus , well me took it philosophical as had some bad mishaps losing mother and wife and nothing is bigger than that, well almost. We were totally excluded from this hectic period and passed it quietly and easy in our home. We obey the stay at home procedures!

Of course, it all helps that all the wage earners in my home got our pay 100% at home! We were able to go out as we have parks nearby and our house has a 1000 sq meters patio or almost 11K sq feet…It took time to get some maintenance and cleaning on the house. We were able to order food, and either pickup or delivered. We ordered all our needs including books, video games, dvd and food (wines, cheeses sausages etc ) all online and home delivered. So what can i say easy.


keolis atlantique bus line 5 stop move heck almost see my house!

The biggest impact will be once going back to work as I am doing telework now and my oldest son started working on the drive in at his job only still with full pay::) The impact will be on many small businesses as recession is estimated to be in France at -8,2% for this year and an increase in bankruptcies of 20%; this is my job so I know. There are still many businesses not fully open and with lower sales; especially the hotel/restaurant sector, badly hit.

My intended trip to Honfleur, Normandy was cancelled due to the 100 km limit and the gendarmerie did not allow us to go even if for visiting the spots in the ocean of my Mom and Wife. Therefore, we need to wait for maybe after june 2nd or in the summer for the release of distances and then plan again the trip with our jobs.

I had jobs on my missions to do in Eindhoven Holland and  Toulouse that have been postponned until further notice…which probably will be cancelled all together.

As went out today walking in town, I can see things will never be the same again anywhere. I saw bread lines again, with a sad memory of my youth! Road work that needed to be postponned, and several businesses still closed and others partially open. Again, even if out completely soon it will take at least until the end of 2020 to be back to some normalcy. As someone blogger has put 2020 is out get it all for 2021!


bread lines


city hall given out free masks to residents

Wishing all my readers went thru ok and are positive about the future; its the only way out. I took some pictures of Pluvigner today that reflect the mood, hope you enjoy them. Best wishes!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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May 18, 2020

Paris: rue des Petits Carreaux !

Ok so here is another nice walk in my eternal Paris and one its streets. It has been a few but figure looking in my blog will give you a good idea of where to walk and what to see always Paris, we will always have Paris. And I am lucky enough to have worked in it for almost 10 years and still visit every month conditions allowed. Let me tell you a bit on the rue des Petits Carreaux.

The rue des Petits Carreaux is a street located in the 2éme arrondissement.  It begins at the 2, rue Léopold-Bellan and 36, rue Saint-Sauveur and ends in the 44, rue de Cléry. It is extended by rue Montorgueil, and by rue Poissonnière. .The rue des Petits-Carreaux is joined or crossed by several more or less perpendicular streets; no.16-30 and no. 23-33: large cut into rue Réaumur, lined on the right side of allée Pierre-Lazareff; no. 32-34 rue du Nil; no 39-41 and no 38-40: rue d’Aboukir with the plant wall oasis d’Aboukir. The street is serve by the line 3 Sentier metro station.


A bit of history I like

The street is named after a group of houses which were north of rue Montorgueil and which were called “Petits Carreaux. The rue des Petits-Carreaux dates back to the 13C. Originally part of the rue Montorgueil, it became a full-fledged street in the 17C.. It is cited under the name of rue des Petitz Carneaulx in a manuscript of 1636 then the form rue du Petit Carreau appears on many official acts of the 18-19C.

Some interesting buildings here on rue des Petits-Carreaux are: No. 6: building from the end of the 19C, with the marble front of a former delicatessen on the ground floor, nos 10-12: building from the 19C, decorated on two levels by wooden formwork; old sign of the coffee merchant Au Planteur, and the Cul de sac du Crucifix: Sieur Goüel received a housing ticket from the quartermaster of the Compagnie des Cents-Suisses to house a Swiss guard in a house of his own in this place in 1714-1722.

Some stops here in the past by yours truly have been to La Grappe d’Or French resto; the Belgian chain Le Pain Quotidien ,the branch of Eric Kayser boulangerie,and of course, the Créperie le Comptoir du Commerce. By Rue Réamur you see a picturesque arch entrance to the rue des Petits Carreaux! It is overall a very nice quaint street in the center of old Paris. Hope you enjoy the walk.

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!!

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