Historical Library of the City of Paris (BHVP) !

And yes coming back with an English title oh well. This is the BHVP or Bibliothéque National de la Ville de Paris! And if the archives were good, this is awesome! Paris here I am for an off the beaten path site that should be visited to know more about the history and architecture of my eternal Paris.

The Historical Library of the City of Paris (BHVP) is at 24 rue Pavée, but access through the garden of the Hotel Lamoignon – Mark-Ashton at 25, rue des Francs-Bourgeois. Metro St Paul line 1. The Historical Library of the City of Paris (BHVP) specializes in the history of Paris and the Île-de-France region . As part of the network of municipal libraries in the city of Paris, it has been located since 1969 in the Hôtel d’Angoulême-Lamoignon. You know was late again on it ::) and my blackberry at the time not good sorry!


A bit of history I like

The first library of the City of Paris was created thanks to Antoine Moriau ; Prosecutor of the city of Paris from 1722 to 1755, collector of books and various documents in Paris, he rents the Hôtel Angoulême-Lamoignon  to install his collections there, which he bequeaths to the City of Paris. The city of Paris   then decides to open the city’s first public library, inaugurated on April 13, 1763!!

The library collections were completely destroyed during the fire at the city/town hall, during the Paris Commune on May 24, 1871. From 1872, this public library specially dedicated to the history of Paris was installed in the city Hôtel Carnavalet , where a museum dedicated to the historical collections of the city of Paris was created. The collections of the museum and the library being very rich, a separation is operated between the two establishments in 1898: the museum remains in Carnavalet and the library moved to a hotel later known as Le Peletier de Saint-Fargeau at 29 rue de Sévigné. The transfer of the library to the Hôtel de Lamoignon in 1968 and its opening in January 1969, after the restoration and development work marks the renewal of the library.

A bit on the Hôtel Angoulême-Lamoignon been located at the corner of rue Pavée and rue Neuve Sainte-Catherine the latter currently the rue des Francs-Bourgeois, the Hôtel Angoulême-Lamoignon was built at the end of the 16C for Diane de France, Duchess of Angoulême, natural daughter of King Henry II. Her nephew, Charles d’Angoulême, son of Charles IX and Marie Touchet, inherited this mansion in 1619 when the Duchess died and lived there until 1650. The hotel was then shared between several tenants. The Lamoignon became owners of the hotel in 1688. The hotel was acquired by the City of Paris in 1928, but the program of restoration and enlargement works continue.

In the courtyard, a small modern pavilion keeps the memory of the first two inhabitants of the hotel: Diane de France and Charles d’Angoulême. The library collections include more than 2 million documents of all kinds, relating to the history of Paris and the Île-de-France region, literature and theater. They consist of printed books, newspapers and ephemeral documents, manuscripts, maps and plans and iconographic documents (drawings, prints, posters, postcards and photographs).  A reading room with 86 seats allows consultation of documents and access to computer stations (computerized catalog, electronic resources, internet). The documents can only be viewed on site. The documents of the library can be photographed by the readers subject to their state of conservation and in the respect of the legislation on the copyright. The library organizes punctually visits and regularly presents conferences touching on such specialty of its collections .

The BHVP ,also regularly exhibits documents in the library reception windows. It participates each year in welcoming the public as part of the European Heritage Days in September. The library is open Monday to Saturday from 10h to 18h. Closed Sundays and holidays. Registration is free and gives access to the entire network of specialized libraries of the City of Paris. The reader card is issued for all adults on presentation of an identity card and the provision of an identity photograph.

The official webpage of the BHVP is here in French: BHVP historical library of the city of Paris

The network of specialised libraries in Paris of which the BHVP is part of is here in French: Bibliotheques specialisées of Paris network

Now if you are into knowing what you visit ,then a visit to the BHVP is a must, i love it and cannot get filled of information on my eternal Paris ever. highly recommended by those interested in the history and architecture of the most beautiful city in the world=PARIS!

And remember, happy travels ,good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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