And why not Maintenon!

As I am in the neighborhood literally, why not Maintenon! One of the picturesque quaint villages of my belle France. I used to visit often before moving to Bretagne but still many nice memories with the family. I have written enough on the castle of Mme Maintenon but the village has more , therefore, here is a bit more on Maintenon.

Maintenon is located in the department 28 of the Eure-et-Loir in the Centre-Val de Loire region of my belle France. It is about 65 kms (40 miles) from Paris and 47 kms ( 29 miles) from Versailles. From Versailles we rode into the D10 , running parallel to the Orangerie of the Palace of Versailles that becomes out of town limits the N10 direction Rambouillet, once passing Rambouillet take the road D176 direction Epernon (see post), and then take the road D906 direction Maintenon, free no tolls. From Paris you can drive on the A13 direction Rouen then the A12 , then back into the N10 and at Rambouillet take the D906 until Maintenon or by the A11 exit sortie 1 at Ablis direction Gallardon the Bailleau-Armenonville and follow signs to Maintenon. You can come by train from Montparnasse to the train station in Maintenon.

Maintenon participated in the creation of a community of  towns called Communauté de Communes des Terrasses et Vallées de Maintenon , which brought together 10 towns: Bouglainval, Chartainvilliers, Houx, Maintenon, Mévoisins, Pierres, Saint-Piat, Soulaires, Villiers-le-Morhier and Yermenonville.  Every Thursday morning, downtown Maintenon is bustling with the market. Sedentary traders like fishmongers, cheese makers, early vegetables, florists, etc. set up in Place Aristide Briand and in Place Noé and Place Omer Sadorge, under the covered market.

A bit deviation from my norm, the tourist information will show here. The tourist office is located at 2 Place Aristide Briand opposite the City/Town Hall . Tel +33 (0)2 34 40 11 95.  Email: . Opening hours are  Wednesday to Saturday from 10h to 13h and from 14h to 18h . The tourist brochures all mentioned the castle but there is more see below.  The  City of Maintenon tourist office on the castle in French:  City of Maintenon on the castle

The Tourist office of Chartres on the castle in English:  Tourist office of Chartres on the castle

There is a Church St Pierre (not been yet) It shows here from the 12C, and there remains no trace of its previous constructions. Indeed, the church was completely destroyed during the wars of religion. Rebuilt at the end of the 17C or about 1694, this charming Baroque church, the only one in the department in this style, was financed by donations from Madame de Maintenon.

The following we have been in nice Maintenon. See previous posts for the castle.

The arches of the aqueduct bridge which follow one another over more than 4 km and cross the park of Maintenon, made the visual celebrity of this work which was to divert the waters of the Eure river towards the royal residences of Versailles and Marly (see posts)  The construction of the aqueduct began in 1685 with Vauban as director of works and La Hire as director of earthworks. In 1695, the funds were empty , and the works cease definitively. There were 29 km remaining and some additional work to bring the waters of the Eure to the waterfalls of Versailles. Louis XIV donated the unfinished aqueduct to Madame de Maintenon. The Canal of Louis XIV:  This canal, built from Pontgouin to Maintenon between 1685 and 1692 to supply water to the fountains of the Palace of Versailles, has never been completed. Vauban was the master builder. It was through this bridge that entry into Maintenon was made until 1838. It was Louis XIV who ordered the construction of the Pont Rouge or red bridge in the years 1685-1686, following major work undertaken in the park of the castle . The legend attributes its name to the color of the uniform of the soldiers in charge of its guard.



Maintenon has two parish Churches ,one  told above, and the Church of Saint-Nicolas with the Duke of Noailles and Marshal of France as sponsored. This Collegiate Church of Saint Nicolas, attached to the orangery of the castle, was rebuilt between 1506 and 1522 in place of the church of the Notre-Dame de Maintenon priory. The church built by Jean Cottereau, treasurer of finance of François I; the charter of 1522, promulgated by Jean Cottereau, successor of the lords of Maintenon, the Church Saint Nicolas, enlarged, restored and henceforth dedicated to Saint Nicolas, is erected as a collegiate church. It is a 33 meters high with a single nave 28.50 x 6.80 meters, flanked by two chapels forming a transept 15 meters long. It has been found certain tombs from the 14-15C, and others from the beginning of the 16C. No individual burial after the 16C has not been uncovered, The anthropological study has made it possible to count a minimum of 12 individuals in the surveyed part, whose surface is less than one square meter!


And of course a nice city/town hall, that is by the place Aristide Briand /Rue St Pierre as well as the post office building, next to castle and church. This is a nice village town for walks on end and good food by the castle on Le Soleil former Brasserie St Denis. Which rather not for memories’s sake here is the former Brasserie Le Saint Denis with pictures.



There you go folks, a dandy royal town of my belle France, this is Maintenon and it is worth a detour, me think. Again, hope you have enjoy the post as I. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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