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May 7, 2020

Morretes, Paranà, Brazil!!!

So looking in my vault for things to write and bring to life in my blog as memory lane I dig up way south into the beautiful Brazil to find this gem .Now I have written several post on Brazil and told you lived there, worked there, and speak the language but always leave something out. Therefore, let me tell you a bit more on Morretes , a town in the State of Paranà in south Brazil. One for the off the beaten path in Brazil!

The name Morretes is a geographical reference to the Morros (Portuguese for “Hills”) that surround the city. Founded in 1721 on the banks of the Nhundiaquara river , this calm and collected colonial town rests on an emerald-green plain at the foot of the Serra do Mar.  A tour of Morretes reveals a compact community of cobblestoned walkways running along the Nhundiaquara River, as well as a series of attractive colonial buildings from the 18C and 19C.

Some of the things to see here that I took a walk by are

Saint Benedict’s Church (Igreja de São Benedito).  The Church of the brotherhood of São Benedito was founded in Morretes in 1760 and brought together blacks, slaves and free people, who because of their devotions want to belong to it without distinction of sex or age , according to its statute. Almost all the oldest documents on the church was lost in a flood in the 60s. The church has a nave, tower and chancel. .The peculiarity by many visitors is that each time we go by, the church is closed!


Old Bridge (Ponte Velha).  Its structure of steel brings an old and glamorous aspect making it even more attractive. The bridge is used to pass over the Nhundiaquara river and gives access to restaurants, that I patronise and told you in my previous posts. Pedestrians share the space with cars, considering that there is just one street band. Therefore, one way car or person lol!



The one webpage in Portuguese with plenty of information on Morretes is here: Tourist office of Paranà state on Morretes

A very pleasant town with lots of traditions, and a beautiful train ride as well which I took once and the rest of the times by car as I was living in Curitiba. Hope you like the post and Morretes.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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