Maison de Jeanne d´Albret, Orthez!

And why not stayed in pretty Orthez in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques dept 64 of the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine. This is as said one of my best regions of my belle France and we come here often during the year(s). Let me show another marvel that previously have written very little on it.

I like to go into the Protestant history of France and tell you about the House or Maison de Jeanne d’Albret in Orthez.

The house or Maison de Jeanne d´Albret, today is the tourist office and a Protestant museum of the Béarn. Originally, this house was a bourgeoise mansion from the 16C that was given as a donation by a Captain of the militias of Albret to the king Antoine de Bourbon and Jeanne d’Albret to obtain titles of nobility. Here, also, there is the museum of or musée Jeanne d´Albret, dedicated to the long history of Protestanism in the Béarn. Very educational and historical a must to see and worth the visit to Orthez alone in my opinion.


The Jeanne d’Albret museum is a museum devoted to the history of Bearn Protestantism it is installed in the walls of an old residence of the mother of king Henri IV, Jeanne d’Albret, dating from the 16C . It indeed belonged to Queen Jeanne as attested by the letters patent of November 30, 1555, registered on May 5, 1556. They indicate that the building was offered to Jeanne d’Albret in 1555 by Arnaud de Gachissans, lord of Salles and butler of Henri II d’Albret, Jeanne’s father, in exchange for letters of nobility. The sovereign wanted to make it his home during his visits to Orthez.


The house known as Jeanne d’Albret was built in the 15-16C. It is distinguished by its remarkable spiral staircase inscribed in an octagonal turret connecting the two buildings that make up the house. The retaining wall of the garden is one of the remains of the city walls. The facades facing the street were enlarged in the 16C, but, on the garden side, one can observe different types of openings which make it possible to identify the successive stages of construction.

The Jeanne d’Albret museum retraces with its collections of objects, portraits and documents, the history of Protestantism in Bearn since the 16C. The historical characteristic of Bearn is the conversion to Protestantism of its sovereign Jeanne d’Albret, who governs this small state as a convinced Calvinist. Therefore, the history of Béarn remains intimately linked to that of Protestantism. The museum therefore reviews all the historical phases: wars of religion, wars of Rohan, persecutions and clandestinity, but also the development of Protestantism in the 19-20C, missions, secularism, and personalities of this time who have a link with the Béarn: Élisée Reclus, Félix Pécaut, Eugène Casalis, Albert Cadier or the Spanish preacher Manuel Matamoros, persecuted and imprisoned by his Spanish compatriots.

Official Jeanne d’Albret museum house in French: Museum house of Jeanne d’Albret Orthez

The tourist office of the heart of Bearn on the museum: Coeur de Bearn tourist office on the museum Jeanne d’Albret

This is the Centre d’Etude du Protestantisme Béarnais in French: Center of protestant studies in the Bearn region

And now you have something different and for sure off the beaten path in my beautiful France deep down in the Pyrénées Atlantiques and the pretty town of Orthez. Hope you come to see the House Museum of Jeanne d’Albret.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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