Some news from Spain XC

So are we getting some news as when we will get out of the wuhan virus I like to give you some updates on my regular series Some news from Spain. This is concerning only Spain.

First, something we have always keep track of and visited while going on many times over the years, La Vuelta!

The organization of La Vuelta bike race of Spain, in agreement with the UCI (International Cycling Union), agreed to postpone the 75th edition of the race. The Vuelta was originally to be held between August 14 and September 6, departing from the Netherlands. However, the forced reorganization of the annual cycling calendar, following the world health crisis caused by COVID-19, has forced a change in plans. The Vuelta 2020 will be held in autumn, on dates yet to be determined, it will have 18 stages and will start in the Basque Country. The start the Spanish round with the Irun – Arrate stage. Eibar in the reorganization of the calendar with the exceptional variable of a 20-day Tour and not with the 23 initially planned. The 75th edition of La Vuelta will be marked as a historic race in many ways. It will be the first time in the last 35 years that it has less than 21 stages. The last time this circumstance occurred was in 1985, in an edition that had 19 stages. Likewise, for the first time since Unipublic took over the race in 1979, La Vuelta will start in the Basque Country. The Basque Country had spent almost five decades without hosting a first stage of the race. In 1961, La Vuelta started in San Sebastián, with a team time trial with a start and finish in the city of San Sebastián.

More in official webpage in English:  Official La Vuelta cycling event of Spain

And now updates on what is coming up from the government sources on the wuhan virus or covid-19 as it relates to Spain.

It will go as Fase 0 or Phase 0, preparation and which begins on May 4, includes the opening of small shops, which include bookstores and archives, and which may go back to their own activity with the security and prevention measures dictated by healing for this initial phase. From May 4 you can open the retail trade and the bars and restaurants prepare food to pickup or take hom. But it will be on May 11 when the first phase of this process of return of economic activity will begin.

In Fase 1 or Phase 1, the Libraries (lending and reading with limited capacity). Cultural acts and shows of less than 30 people in closed places (with 1/3 of capacity). Outdoor cultural acts and shows of less than 200 people (as long as you are sitting and keeping the necessary distance). Museums (visits only, not cultural activities) 1/3 capacity with control of crowds in rooms. Active and nature tourism for limited groups of people. Audiovisual production and film and series filming will also resume.

Cinemas, theaters and auditoriums will be able to reopen their doors, reducing their capacity to a third, in phase 2 of the de-escalation process (which would take at least four weeks), which has four stages and will be completed by the end of June, as announced by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez.

In Fase 2 or Phase 2 :the activity will return, with controlled and reduced capacity for cinemas, theaters, auditoriums and similar spaces (with pre-assigned seats) with a capacity limit of 1/3. Monuments and other cultural facilities (visits only; no cultural activities) 1/3 capacity. Exhibition rooms, conference rooms and multipurpose rooms 1/3 capacity, with agglomeration control. Cultural acts and shows of less than 50 people in closed places (1/3 of capacity). Outdoor cultural and leisure events and performances for less than 400 people (as long as they are seated and keep the necessary distance). Active and nature tourism for larger groups of people.

In Fase 3 or Phase 3 the de-escalation will continue with the activities with 1/3 capacity in phase II, they can go to 1/2 capacity in this phase. Performing and musical arts rooms with a capacity limit of 1/3. Cultural acts and shows of less than 80 people in closed places (1/3 of capacity). This phase, there is the bullfighting exception. Squares, venues and bullfighting facilities with a capacity limitation that guarantees one person for every 9 m2. It is also necessary to include in its reopening cultural acts and shows, theme parks and outdoor leisure of less than 800 people (as long as it is seated and keeping the necessary distance). And active and nature tourism. In addition to beaches, in conditions of safety and distance.

The source for most was the leading newspapers in Spain ABC, El Mundo and El Pais. The latter is here in Spanish: El Pais on regulations for covid19

The map of covid19 in the comunidad de Madrid by towns in Spanish from the newspaper ABC: ABC covid19 by district of Madrid

Gathered information on the virus from the Worldometer/coronavirus  in English on Spain (You can go to source and see it by regions): Worldometer Coronavirus counter Spain

We will get over this one as we have in the past. I am looking forward to the opportunity to return to my beloved Spain before year’s end 2020. Wishing you stay at home and safe. Un abrazo

And remember, happy travels (it will come back), good health (stay safe), and many cheers to all (indeed)!!!

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