Some news from France, CCCV

And why not my other love in our world, my current adopted country of my belle France. This is a special post due to the current world situation on the wuhan virus and the need to keep abreast of the information. So therefore, this is a post concerning only France.

And why not start with that wonderful Tour de France bike race which has been re arranged but is on!  The tour de France re schedule for Augsut 29 start in Nice will continue as even if the Prime Minister of France had indicated no major event before September 2020. The tour will be set up to avoid crowds as well. However, the biggest challenge will be to run a Tour without any pre races like the Dauphiné, and riders will be up for a big test.

Official tour de France in English here: Le Tour de France

And now the covid19 information about the situation in France and the slow coming out from it. The goal is for September but all is depending on how the measurements and the virus behave from May 11th 2020.

The de confinement rules will be different depending on the health situation of each department as place on RED or GREEN (this will be decided by May 11). The authorities will use three indicators to decide: the number of people infected in the past seven days; tension in hospital or intensive care units; the ability to perform tests and detect chains of contamination. According to the Prime Minister, the situation will be clearer on May 7 and will make it possible to decide whether to come out of the confinement on May 11.

By May 11: According to a principle of trust and responsibility, there will be no certification or control for the elderly, but visits and outings must be surrounded by precaution. Groups will be limited to 15 students, welcomed in schools or extracurricular premises, with respect for barrier gestures, and provision of hydro alcoholic gel. Masks will be prohibited in kindergarten, not recommended in elementary school, except in special cases (symptoms detected). All teachers and supervisors must wear them. Daycare center or Crêches: They will welcome groups of up to 10 children. Priority will be given to children from single-parent families, caring or teaching parents, or parents both unable to telecommute. Masks will be mandatory for supervisors, not for children.

Metro, buses and trams were severely limited during containment. They should retain reduced capacity. Only one seat out of two will be accessible and a flow limitation must be implemented if necessary. During rush hour, transportation could be reserved for working people (with possible control). School Buses The wearing of a mask will be compulsory for drivers and middle school students. Only one seat out of two will be filled. Taxis and VTC Wearing a mask will be compulsory if the vehicle does not have Plexiglas protection.

The offer of mainline trains will always be reduced, reservations will be compulsory on all trains, TGV or not. They will remain limited to compelling professional and family motives. A certificate will be required for trips of more than 100 km. Public or private gatherings: They will be authorized but limited to 10 people. Individual sports activity – cycling, running, etc. – will again be possible outside beyond the 1 km limit. The rules of physical distance must continue to be respected. Team or contact sports will always be prohibited, as well as indoor sports

Unlike large museums, small museums and libraries will be able to reopen because they can operate more easily while respecting sanitary rules, explained the Prime Minister. The cemeteries are scheduled to reopen on May 11. The number of people allowed to attend funeral ceremonies will continue to be limited to twenty, even after May 11.   Reopening of parks and gardens will depend on the dynamics of contamination in the department.

With the exception of cafes, bars and restaurants, all shops are allowed to reopen. However, they will have to set up a limitation of the number of customers and a flow management to respect a minimum distance. The wearing of a mask will be recommended: shops may prohibit access to customers without a mask. Prohibited during confinement, they may reopen, except as decided by the prefect, depending on the configuration of the premises.

To avoid moving beyond the living area, the prefects may decide not to let open, beyond the food sections already open, shopping centers of more than 40,000 m2, which risk causing such population movements. Teleworking should continue wherever possible. Oh yeah won’t see my boss lol !! Positive people will have the choice between isolating themselves at home (which places the whole household in the fortnight) or isolating themselves in a requisitioned hotel. The objective of this strategy is to break the chains of transmission. There will be “checks if they should be necessary, but this system is based first and foremost on good citizenship. “Brigades” will be created in each department in order to identify and test the contact cases of a patient positive for SARS-CoV-2. The tests will be fully covered by the health social system CPAM.

From April 30, an e-commerce platform will be set up by La Poste (post office) to distribute several million masks to the general public every week. In addition, the State will bear 50% of the cost of orders made by local authorities. The government has set itself the objective of carrying out at least 700,000 virological tests per week by May 11. This figure corresponds to the “1,000 to 3,000” new daily cases planned by the scientific council, multiplied by the 20 to 25 people who encountered them on average in the previous days.

By May 12 When teleworking is not possible, staggered hours are encouraged. Wearing a mask is mandatory when distance is not guaranteed. Guides by profession will be developed: 33 are available, it takes about 60 to cover all sectors.

From May 18, middle schools will be able to reopen starting with the sixth and fifth grade classes in the French system . The masks will be compulsory and provided to students who do not have them.

Not before June 2: High schools will not reopen before June 2. Vocational high schools or Lycée Pro should be the first to welcome students again. Depending on the health situation, the government will decide to reopen the major museums from June 2. They will remain closed until then. And depending on the health situation, the government will decide to reopen the multipurpose halls. They will remain closed until then. Places of worship will remain open, but the government is asking religious organizations not to hold ceremonies until June 2. Sports other than individual and outdoor will remain prohibited. And depending on the health situation, the government will decide to reopen these closed cultural places, where spectators stay for a long time, from June 2. They will remain closed until then. As a precautionary measure, frequenting the beaches will remain prohibited until at least June 2. They will remain closed at least until June 2, but their reopening remains unlikely on June 15, had already said Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy.

Not before September: Sports events are prohibited until September. The 2019-2020 season of professional sport, especially that of football/soccer!!!, will not be able to resume either, according to Edouard Philippe. All festivals, major cultural events, fairs, etc. who were subject to prefectural authorization will be prohibited, at least until September. The city/town halls will continue to offer, except in emergencies, a postponement of marriages.

The above information was gathered from various sources including the Bretagne cover newspaper Ouest France and Telegramme as well as le Monde, Le Parisien and le Figaro. 

The Ouest France is here in French: Ouest France newspaper on covid19

Le Telegramme on the covid19 in Bretagne, if continue the trend we should be in GREEN by May 11th: Le Telegramme newspaper on Bretagne

And the Worldometer/coronavirus in English on the situation in France (on latest update you go to official French govt source that feeds worldometer) : Worldometer Coronvirus on France

And there you reporting live from my belle France! We should be out as we haver been throughout our history, allez les Bleus!!! Wishing all the best, stay safe hold on we shall overcome.

And remember, happy travels, (yes we will), good health, (stay safe at home), and many cheers to all(better to tell us that later)!!

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  1. I shall still be staying close to home come 11 May.

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