A look at Thoiry!

So here I am telling you a bit on a village, small town in my old region in my belle France. You might recall the name, Thoiry. There is a wonderful animal park in the castle grounds there which I have written before in my blog.

This is the old entry on it. A look back at the Chateau de Thoiry

Been a small picturesque village and to give it credit, I will tell you a bit on Thoiry the village here.

Thoiry is located in the department of Yvelines 78 , in the Île-de-France region. The village of Thoiry is located about 30 km from Versailles (capital of Yvelines) in the Mantois plateau 50 km from Paris.


You get here by car as this is backcountry Yvelines dept 78 my old department. The main road is D 11 (Route de Versailles) which crosses the village and leads to Villiers-Saint-Frédéric and N 12 road to Septeuil. D 45 road crosses the village, leading to Richebourg and to Maule then Orgeval where you can link up with the A13 autoroute de Normandie. More or less parallel to the D 11, the D 119 road makes it possible to join Beynes towards Hargeville. These roads are marvellous country roads a sublime experience for many years. There is no train station here, the closest are Beynes at 7 km and Montfort-l’Amaury – Méré at 8 km.

Under the monarchy, the lordship of Thoiry first belonged to the family of Thoiry from the 13C. It was Raoul Moreau who had a new Thoiry castle built in the middle of the 16C. The chapel is said to be the work of Philibert Delorme. At the beginning of the 17C the castle was owned by Guillaume Marescot, a powerful councilor of state. In 1968, Count Antoine de La Panouse created the animal park in the castle grounds.

 We came here for a quick lunch and drinks as we were leaving the town after a brief visit to the castle animal park (see link here).  This is for the tourists on the run as we were lol! We had a quick meal in the Auberge du Vieux Pressoir, 21 rue de la Porte Saint Martin,   nothing fancy simple pizzas and beers express coffee and off we went . The best was the garden where it is good to taste pizzas, its small vine which makes us travel at the time of the musette balls. Prices to match the view, high. I told you so. No webpage.


Before you leave Thoiry do pay a visit to the nice church.

The Church Saint Martin was erected under the name of Saint Martin, probably around 1100, by the Monks of the Abbey of Clairefontaine, neighbor of Rambouillet. These monks may have belonged to one of the religious orders to which the Lords of Montfort had granted clearing areas in the forest of Yvelines, around the year 1000, areas in which, after deforestation, the monks created villages by gathering scattered populations.



The current bell tower, nave and choir seem to have been built at different times. The lower part of the bell tower seems to be the oldest. The pillars which support the construction on the side of the nave seem to be Gothic. The upper part was rebuilt in 1639 ; the nave must date from the end of the 16C; the choir was rebuilt in 1672.  In 1793, the Church Saint Martin was completely emptied during its transformation into a Temple of Reason in the French revolution. Everything disappeared, brought to the District, sold or burned. Only the beautiful polychrome Virgin 14C was saved, which was hidden by the inhabitants of Thoiry and returned to the Church after the revolution. Inside ,only the tombstone of the Count of Baussan which is now in the enclosure of the Castle has been saved. There is no record of what was inside just some brief mentioned of chapels and statues all gone during the French revolutin ravages.  From the Empire period, important works were done by the village   and by the Count of Machault, then Mayor of Thoiry, for the restoration of the Church Saint Martin, and its embellishment. The church was restored in 1980.

The village of Thoiry and its history, heritage in French: City of Thoiry on heritage

There you go another quaint off the beaten path trip in my old backyard. Oh yes the animal park is very famous but people tend to overlook the pretty village and it is a pity. Thoiry is nice and walking its main streets is a delight. Hope you enjoy the post, and thanks for reading.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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