Trujillo, Extremadura. Birthplace of conquerors !!

I have been here! and have other posts on Trujillo in my blog. A wonderful souvenir because came here with friends still on board!  I ,of course, was in Madrid and had the grand opportunity to visit this wonderful town, Trujillo, in the Autonomous region of Extremadura in my kingdom of Spain. I recall was here so many years ago when a teenager, and now it was wonderful to come back as an adult. The city is compact ,and full of history all around you. I will just touch here on the souvenirs, the monuments are in other posts.

I was taken there by car, and given a short tour of the city that turn out very nice.  We stop along the road for gas at a Repsol service station at El Berrocal  Autovía del Suroeste, km182, 10300 Navalmoral de la Mata, province of Cáceres on the road A5. We arrive right into the plaza Mayor, full of historical buildings all around it, and the huge statue of conqueror of Peru Francisco Pizarro.  The best way here as always with my opinions is the car of course. Out of madrid on the A5 will get you here. They have a Facebook page! here: Facebook page of El Berrocal resto Repsol gas station


In the square or plaza Mayor you will see the many monuments I had mentioned in previous post but the square is loaded.  The tourist office of Trujillo with monuments links in Spanish is here: Tourist office of Trujillo on things to see


However, before reaching Trujillo ,we had a great lunch at Hotel Las Cigueñas, just before reaching the city center at Avenida de Madrid ,52. Its a complex hotel, restaurant,and events facilities. La Bodega restaurant inside is wonderful, we had tapas entrees of iberico ham, mollejas de cordero,a nice lubina fish dish, and red wine tayita from the region, all well serve, friendly efficient and well done.  For the gourmand in me, this was heavens and the hightlight of this trip. Always looking forward to stopping by again. Recommended.

The official webpage Hotel Las Cigueñas is here: Hotel Las Ciguenas


For info those without a car, there are bus service from Madrid by Avanzabus , webpage here Avanzabus destination Trujillo

By train is a bit longer about a bit over 2 hrs, from Madrid Atocha to Navalmoral de la Mata and then bus to Trujillo with the above firm. The Renfe trains is here Renfe schedules

Worth the trip for a day or better rent a car! Hope you enjoy the ride! Trujillo is full of architecture and history of the Americas! And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. If I was choosing a favourite city in Spain then this would be it. I was there last year and stayed at the Parador Hotel.

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