Some news from France, CCXCXIIII

Well it has been a while with all the sad news going around no will to write about positive things but hey life goes on , we all have gone thru difficult times before and we are here, me writing ,you reading! So life is beautiful and we go on for those who stay with us . Therefore, here is the continuation of my series and even if short one comes from the heart. Best wishes to all out there in our wonderful world. Stay strong and stay safe. And thank your much for reading me all these years.

The Bourse de Commerce – Pinault Collection. The future museum of contemporary art of Paris, installed in this old circular wheat hall, in the heart of the Marais will not finally open until spring 2021. This vast concrete cylinder, 9 meters high, which occupies the heart of the Stock Exchange, has taken its place superbly. The finishes are also perfect, with the old-fashioned lamps redone identically. The glass railings of this new passageway at the height of the restored frescoes, gives a modern aspect to this 18-19C building, conceded by the City for fifty years. The building covers more than 10,500 m2 of usable space, including 6,800 m2 for the 10 exhibition spaces. On each floor, there will be a lounge in which the public will find art magazines and Internet access. There will also be a restaurant on the third and last floor, on the Saint-Eustache side. Finally, an auditorium with 284 seats will allow for significant activity of film screenings, concerts and conferences. Worth the wait after the wuhan virus.

Parisians between worries and questions about deconfinement which for us should start from May 11th. Some of the doubts hopes expression share here from the Le Parisien newspaper. “No question that I resume public transport after deconfinement. And I no longer use my car in Paris. So for my next trips it will be a taxi … or nothing.” “The metro is over” will take the RER to get to Paris where I works … but will end her journey with the foldable electric scooter she bought in anticipation of the deconfinement. “The cycle paths are fine, but for Parisians far from any station, and working in the 19éùe If I have to go back to work after May 11, it will be by car, whatever it costs”. Yep I am sure things will never be same after the wuhan virus.

The laboratory of the municipal water authority Eau de Paris discovered in the last 24 hours the presence of Covid-19 in minute quantities in the city’s non-potable water network. In Paris, two independent networks coexist, that of drinking water, and that of non-drinking water, inherited from the end of the 19C. The non-drinking water network is supplied by so-called raw water, taken from the Seine. and the Ourcq canal, and routed without heavy treatment. So no longer carafe d’eau in restaurants you never know where it comes from lol!

Finally, some hope slowly, as  the markets of Oinville-sur-Montcient, Perdreauville, Poigny-la-Forêt and Aulnay-sur-Mauldre are to open in the Yvelines dept 78. Two unique market in Vert and Saint-Hilarion should also be part of the lot. To add Bullion, Clairefontaine and Montfort-l’Amaury. In Maule, the news is already causing a stir. It must be said that in 500 years of existence, the market has never known such a long period of closure. In this town of 6,000 inhabitants near Thoiry, outdoor sales were born in 1524 thanks to an edict by king François 1st!!! Still waiting for ok here.

The city of Versailles cancels the rents and taxes of the merchants in town , bravo!!!  The city/town hall has decided to cancel the rents of the shops it owns as well as the taxes collected on the terraces. At the head of four restaurants located on the Place des Manèges in Versailles, César Molina appreciates this gesture from the city hall even if, for him, the crisis will be very hard to bear.

The Grande Arche de la Défense told by its little stories. A virtual exhibition by the Hauts-de-Seine 92 departmental council retraces the astonishing history of a monument now emblematic of the region. The Arc de Triomphe of the 20C at La Défense.

Here is the recipe for these at home times. The galette complete: the recipe of Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance a son of Plougasnou, in the bay of Morlaix, Finistére dept 29 of Brittany!!!.

For a dozen galettes,the ingredients and recipe

Dough: 330 g of buckwheat flour. 10 g sea salt. 75 cl of water. 1 egg. Butter.

Filling: 10 thin slices of white ham. 100 to 150 g of grated Emmental, Comté or Cantal cheese. 1 egg per patty. Chopped chives. Pepper.

Preparation: In a large bowl, combine the flour and salt. In another bowl, whisk the water with the egg. Form a well in the flour and pour the water-egg mixture, stirring regularly with a wooden spoon, until a smooth and fairly liquid dough is obtained. Let the dough rest for 30 minutes under a cloth.

Cooking: In a pancake pan (or a billig), over medium heat, melt a knob of butter then pour a small ladle of dough. Cook the patties for about 1 minute on each side and set aside.

You can also garnish the patties on the opposite side, and serve them immediately, they will be all the more crisp. Arrange the cheese on side 2 of the cake. Add a slice of ham, then break the egg. When the egg white is cooked, fold the edges of the patty. Add pepper and sprinkle with chives.

If many museums offer virtual tours directly on their website, Google Arts and Culture allows us to visit countless museums and collections around the world on the same principle as Street View. The Louvre museum site allows you (subject to using Flash) to visit the famous Apollo Gallery, the galleries of Egyptian antiquities and the foundations of the Louvre.

Le Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil , mostly save from the renovations to the Roland Garros stadium is worth visiting. Built under king Louis XV in 1761, these huge greenhouses are located in the Bois de Boulogne and as much to tell you directly: this is the place where nobody will come to pick you up. Composed of 5 main greenhouses, the largest of which even has a water point at the edge of which to sit quietly with your sketchbook or a good book, you can spend the afternoon there without anything coming to disturb you. It is located at 3, avenue de la Porte-d´Auteuil 16éme Paris !

Update on Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris. When the fire happened two-thirds of the roof was destroyed, the frame nicknamed “The Forest” was devoured by the flames, part of the vault was hit, charred beams collapsed. Between 350 and 400 tonnes of lead which made up the roof and the spire were reduced to ashes. Fortunately, 1,300 works were sheltered during the evening, at the Louvre museum or in secure warehouses to be preserved and restored. But the Notre-Dame site promises to be colossal. Work began under the aegis of Louis Georgelin, the General responsible for piloting the cathedral’s five-year renaissance. The soldier commissioned by President Emmanuel Macron has indeed promised a Te Deum at Notre-Dame on April 16, 2024.  It was planned to start dismantling the scaffolding on March 23. A complex and spectacular operation which required a protocol. They were also installing a second scaffolding above the first to allow rope access technicians to hang on and descend on the damaged scaffolding and thus cut out the 40,000 tubes. We will have to resume this when the site will restart. For the moment, we maintain the objective of returning the Notre Dame Cathedral to worship and visitors on April 16, 2024 !! Good riddance soldier!!

Further, an investigation into the incident was opened by the head of “involuntary destruction by fire” and entrusted to the Regional Directorate of the Judicial Police. The Secretary of State for the Interior, Laurent Nunez, had previously announced that the origin of this fire, unprecedented in the history of the Cathedral, was still unknown. Is a tricky business of blame this might take longer…

And we continue on our 6th week of confinement and totally change of routine, life work etc. all essentials are taken care of in my department 56 Morbihan and we are the less hit by the wuhan virus. We are holding on as we have a nice property to move about with a huge patio. I am on telework and with missions pending once all is over but getting pay 100% so I am ok. Best of luck and best wishes to all. Stay safe!

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!!


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