The Castle at Garcimuñoz!

So lets bring you back to a memorable dear region of mine. Many recounted in my blog over the years and this was a find. First , I have a couple of entries already in blog on the total history but this is with new pictures. We first came here on our road warrior routes in the Province of Cuenca, region of Castilla La Mancha of the Kingdom of Spain.

We were driving back home base on the Autovia del Este (east highway) or A3 when we saw this castle in the distance. Somehow castles attracts me so we took a detour to see it and it was a pleasant surprise as this is the historicall and architecturally famous Castle of Garcimuñoz actually the village also the town’s name.


Allow me to tell you a bit more on this jewel of Spanish fortress-like castles.

The Castle of Garcimuñoz is a very small town of less then 70 folks right along the expressway A-3 Madrid-Valencia at km. 156. It is at 915 meters above sea level and the town is on a descend from it.  The walls of it are 3 meters thick and built to resist the attack of artillery of the times. On the lower level, it is reinforced with a slope making it difficult to conquered it. The form is square irregular and its corners are reinforce with circular cubes. On the north side you have the main entrance tower or Torre del Homenaje; these towers has a dome in bricks and crown with casements and ample space to move artillery.


The fist owner was Garcimuñoz, a knight who accompanied King Alfonso VIII in his conquest of Cuenca in the 12C. It later passed into the hands of Prince Don Juan Manuel. It was reconstructed in the 15C by the Marquis of Villena, and it now represents the way the Arabic, Jewish and Christian cultures harmoniously live in the province of Cuenca.


This is the castle that Don Juan Manuel inhabited since 1312 and the one that the Marquis of Villena, Don Juan Pacheco had built in 1458. The first references to the castle of Arab origin date from the year 1172 when the emir Abu Yacub Yusuf, on his way to Huete, destroys it and enslaves its women and children. Restored by Garcí-Muñoz, it was inhabited by Don Juan Manuel who controlled the Lordship of Villena from there, as the successive Marquis continued to do until Don Juan Pacheco moved the control center to Belmonte.


Don Juan Pacheco’s castle began construction in 1458 on the remains of the previous one that was demolished. The Garcimunoz castle has been restored from 2010-2.016 by Izaskun Chinchilla in postmodern style. A restoration where sculpture mixes with architecture, but worth visiting to appreciate the different styles of castle restoration.

This is the  Association Infante Don Juan Manuel to safekeep the castle in Spanish: Castillo Garcimuñoz association Don Juan Manuel

The tourist office of Castilla La Mancha on the castle in English: Tourist office of Castilla La Mancha on the castle

This is a really nice castle very sober on the outside pretty much like a fortress it was intended in reconquest times ,but inside very nicely renovated and stylish.  The Castillo de Garcimuñoz is a very good detour indeed, recommended.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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