The time of our days, Pluvigner and Paris!

So back to reality. In these days of worries and sad stories there is always hope. Like I said in my previous post on the situation, in Europe we have passed by many deseases and worse the terrible wars, towns were destroyed completely and we survive we are here alive and kicking. We will overcome this one too. Best wishes to all

I like to give some news of my town of Pluvigner, bigger than it is, where we all in solidarity fulfilling the regulations and helping each others. I went out to do my groceries the other day and no lines very well organise purchase. I went out today for the unique baguette and some chow in my local traiteur Cailloce and was a small line of 5 persons easy distance courteous nice, I got my lasagna and paella to take home, cheap and nice. We will overcome this one too.



All the different services of Pluvigner by the city /town hall  operate by telephone relations, all urgent cases will be treated as a priority according to technical and practical possibilities.   In order to deliver food and basic necessities to the elderly, sick, isolated and unable to move, the CCAS has put in place a new organization from this Thursday, March 26, 2020. Many people have made themselves known, it is therefore not necessary at the moment to call the CCAS to register as a volunteer. Yes we overwhelm the response for help!!!


The ETPM company has made 1,700 FFP2 masks available to the city/town hall, half of which have been delivered to the EHPAD (elderly homes), the other half is available to the 2 nursing offices in Pluvigner for visits to their patients (yes great they come to see my father!). Twenty masks have also been made available to each of the 3 primary schools in the town which receive the children of nursing staff. Solidarity is organized in Pluvigner, staff from the city/town hall are in support of the EHPAD. The nurses of the 2 offices also volunteered if necessary to accompany and relieve nursing staff from the EHPAD. These masks can also be given to medical staff from other departments  of Pluvigner who will request them from the CCAS.

The yellow bags (for recyclage plastics glass etc) are available in the 5 bakeries, the 2 delicatessens (Le Golvan, Cailloce), Proxy, Lidl and Super U for the town. They are also available in the bakeries of Malachappe and Bieuzy-Lanvaux.  The Prefect authorized the weekly market to be maintained (Saturdays from 9h to 12h noon.

The news in the city of Pluvigner in French of course is here: City of Pluvigner on coronavirus

And one major event going on today its Holy Friday, Vendredi Saint , Viernes Santos, Sexta-feira Santa. And there is a small Mass at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris!

In order to celebrate Holy Friday today April 10, 2020 preceding Easter, the Archbishop of Paris is organizing the Office of the Cross at Notre-Dame de Paris, in a select committee of six, from 11h30 to 12h30 as I write I watch it.  It will be the first time that a religious ceremony will take place in the cathedral since the fire that took place almost a year ago, on April 15. The ceremony, which will take place inside the cathedral, around the Crown of thorns, will consist of  a meditation around great texts by authors, such as Marie-Noël, Paul Claudel, Charles Peguy or Mother Teresa, by professional actors Philippe Torreton and Judith Chemla, with alternating pieces of music played by a violinist, Renaud Capuçon. If no faithful will be allowed to enter the cathedral due to the coronavirus crisis, this prayer will be broadcast on BFM TV as well as on the KTO channel.

The KTO television channel which will broadcast all the offices, live from Rome, Paris or Lourdes. (channel available on boxes as well as online) webpage here: KTO Catholic Television

The BFMTV webpage and video is here: BFMTV chain on coronavirus Mass at Notre Dame

Just a short post, I think was needed. Thank you all my readers and again best wishes. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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