Praça dos Restauradores ,Lisbon of course!

Oh well lucky to have travel, so much to write and sometimes forget memorable places or just briefly mentioned in my blog. This is the case of the next topic. I have come here several times and eaten and seeing the sights a beautiful square but never a post on it alone. Bear in mind some of the monuments already wrote and show pictures in previous posts.

This post will hopefully change that, on the Praça dos Restauradores or Restoration square in Lisbon. Let me tell you a bit more on it ok. Hope you enjoy it. Easy metro stop here too!


Praça dos Restauradores or Restoration square in Lisbon is located at the south-eastern end of the Avenida da Liberdade, not far from Praça Rossio of the train station. This Restoration square is dedicated to the restoration of Portuguese independence in 1640, after 60 years under Spanish rule. The obelisk in the center of the square, inaugurated in 1886, bears the names and dates of the battles fought during the Portuguese restoration war of 1640, symbolizing Independence and Victory.


The rectangular square is surrounded by buildings from the 19C and the beginning of the 20C. I love the Palácio Foz, a palace built between the 18-19C, which displays a richly decorated interiors, The Lisbon tourist office is located within the Palácio Foz and you can enter to admire its sumptuous interior decoration The Palacio Foz was constructed by the Marquis of Castelo Melhor and later sold to the Marquis de Foz which the name stuck. Its Italianesque appereance is the result of renovations at the end of the 18C.

Further picture on the Lisbon tourist office in English: Tourist office of Lisbon on the Palacio Foz


A wonderful side trip here is to take the Funicular da Gloria located on your left, which will take you straight to Bairro Alto! First if not at the praça dos Restauradores you can take the metro Blue line, get off at Restauradores stop or the Green line and Rossio stop if you want to walk a bit. The Elevador da Gloria departures from the street to the right of the Palacio Foz, the Calçada da Glória.

Further on the Funicular da Gloria from the Lisbon tourist office here: Tourist office of LIsbon on the Funicular da Gloria

Next door, your eyes will certainly be drawn to a huge building with a pinkish facade, on which exotic trees seem to grow. It’s the Eden Theater, now a luxury hotel. There is ,also, the old Cinema Condes, built in 1950 in a modernist style. It now houses the Hard Rock Cafe.

Another highlight of Praça dos Restauradores is its cobblestone and the mosaics there. A fine example of Calçada Portuguesa, (Portuguese sidewalk) where you can admire the silversmithing of craftsmen specializing in this art of paving stone, which you will find in many places, on the ground of the Baixa Chiado district.

You can admire more architecture here even if not staying at the beautiful Avenida Palace Hotel, opened in 1892, was built together with Rossio Station, to serve travelers arriving in Lisbon by train. I stayed in another fine hotel not far from praça dos Restauradores feature in another post, for now more info on the Avenida Palace Hotel here: Official Hotel Avenida Palace Lisbon

Another favorite of mine while at the Praça dos Restauradores is to climb the Elevador of Santa Justa.


Inaugurated on 1902, this all-iron construction, 45 meters high, was a real success from the start of its operation. At the origin of this building,was  the engineer Raoul Mesnier de Ponsard, whose family is of French origin but was born in Porto.  Legend has it that he was one of Gustave Eiffel’s disciples, in view of the resemblance or at least the inspiration of the structure with the work carried out on the famous Eiffel Tower. with its wrought iron architecture worked with perfect thoroughness, in a neo-gothic style. Once you arrive at the top, access to the watchtower and the cafe located on the latter is via a magnificent spiral staircase.  When you arrive at the belvedere, you are simply blown away by the breathtaking view of the city, on the Alfama district and the Tejo river (sp.Tajo).

You can easily get to it from praça dos Restauradores walking or afar take the metro Baixa or Chiado line blue or green or also Rossio green line stop. More info from the Lisbon tourist office here: Tourist office of Lisbon on the Elevador Santa Justa

And there you go folks one simple walk along this wonderful square of Praça dos Restauradores and you will immerge in gorgeous architecture and Portuguese history to boot: my favorite square in Lisbon! Hope you enjoy the tour

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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