Church St Briktius, Konz-Oberemmel!

Well in our trips in Europe visited many places and one of the most memorable was our trip to the wine country of the Saar south of Trier in Germany. I have several posts on the wine and activities of our family trip there but feel missing telling you about some monuments.

We walk the town all over, and even into the wine fields, lovely, the homes struck us the difference where all the houses were decorated different; the town has an event hall and one Catholic Church St. Briktius.

I like to note the Church of St Briktious there in lively small cute Konz-Oberemmel or exactly in village of Oberemmel. Not to much written on the church at least in English but feel part of the trip and needs credit in my blog. The whole family really enjoyed the trip with wine tastings and beer Bitburg tasting too!

Briefly, Oberemmel is an old small wine town part of the city of Konz in the district of Trier-Saarburg in Rhineland-Palatinate state. We got there by car from France. The place is located southeast of the core city of Konz on the state road L 138. The B 268 runs east, the Saar river flows west. the incorporation into Konz took place on November 7, 1970, and now is known as Konz-Oberemmel.

The district Konz-Oberemmel  in German on the Church of St Britktius is here: District Konz Saarburg on Oberemmel

We chose an apartment in the winemaker’s house in the town of Konz-Oberemmel where we rented for two weeks as our base; the town is lovely, and the stay was good with excellent quality/price ratio. One of the side trips we took was to see the Church of St Briktius. You see in the photos the old section of the Church and the main entrance is very modern.


The region of Konz-Oberemmel on the Church St Briktius in German here: Konz Oberemmel on the Church

The Tourist office of Saar-Obermosel for the Konz-Oberemmel area in German is here: Saar Obermosel on Konz Oberemmel


Hope it helps even if little information on the town I agree. The activity around here is wine but even that is not well shown, many small towns all connected by inner roads, beautiful country and a nice church to boot at Konz-Oberemmel. Enjoy it

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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