The Mercado de Bom Sucesso at Porto!

And here I am again, continuing my souvenirs of travels, all wonderful and bring many nice periods of my life. One of them was visiting Porto, Portugal. Always heard of Porto and love the drink, and finally was there. I have several posts but feels they have been too general, therefore, let me tell you about the Mercado de Bom Sucesso.

The highlight of my stayed in this area, was the Mercado de Bom Sucesso market. This is just turning right from hotel on about 100 meters, excellent ambiance, great food, and friendly staffs with full of locals.


I went here for a tour walk around one night as had friends picking me up, and then came back to eat a wonderful seafood rice and scallops on shell with a good local red wine for less than 14€ , this was at the Mariscaria Bom Sucesso. More of it here:


The Bom Sucesso market was completely renovated and reopened in June 2013. Architecture and stands mixing tradition and modernity. To see, there reigns a different atmosphere than in other markets. There are classic fresh products (fish, meat, vegetables) but there is also a section with gastronomic products only Portuguese and a restaurant area. Emphasis is placed on promoting the made in Portugal.


Of course, the market is more than just restaurant, bars and seafood stands, there is also some shopping stores and souvenirs of local craft inside. Worth a visit on any given day/night.


The official webpage of the Mercado de Bom Sucesso :Mercado Bom Sucesso Porto

The tourist visit Porto webpage in English on the Mercado de Bom Sucesso: Tourist office Porto on the Mercado Bom Sucesso

This was really nice worth a stop day or night , shopping or eating. I prefer the eating and drinking delicious Portuguese wines. Really the area was tops see my other posts, recommended. Really enjoyed the Mercado de Bom Sucesso at Porto.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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