The Plaza de Cervantes , Alcalà de Henares!

So here I am again on a sunny day, and remembering the places I have been and really not given them the full credit in my blog. This is one beautiful town of Alcalà de Henares which we have enjoyed over the years even from my eternal Madrid. Walking this rich architectural and historical town is a must even if not into walking. The main street here is the Plaza de Cervantes and is gorgeous ; let me tell you a bit more on it ok. Hope you enjoy as we did.

The Plaza de Cervantes (Cervantes square)   is the center of the social life of Alcalà de Henares. This urban space connects directly with Calle Mayor and Calle Libreros, forming one of the main axes of the historic city. Initially it was the Plaza del Mercado , then the Plaza de la Constitución and, since 1879, it is the Plaza de Cervantes in memory of his favorite son Miguel de Cervantes. However, it is also popularly called Plaza Mayor, as it is the main and largest of Alcalá de Henares.

Alcala de Henares Plaza de Cervantes

In it the market of the town was celebrated and the annual fair of the same, granted by the Castilian king Alfonso VIII in 1184, for which it received the name of Plaza del Mercado. In the 15-16C, it was fully integrated into the urban area, by the expansion of the walls, first, and by the urban development of what would be the university neighbourhood, later. In this way the plaza became the main space of the town, the scene of all kinds of public celebrations, in addition to serving as a border between the jurisdiction of the town and that of the University. The Council headquarters were located there from the 16C. In the 19C the square underwent numerous changes. It received its current name Plaza de Cervantes   and several works were carried out for its beautification; such as the erection in 1879 of the statue of Cervantes that presides over it, and the construction of the Music Kiosk in 1898. The current appearance of the Plaza de Cervantes is due to the semi-pedestrianization process of its north and west sides, works carried out between 2018 and 2019.

Alcala de Henares

The Calle Mayor, Calle de los Colegios and Calle de los Cerrajeros (blacksmiths) end in the west; and that of Calle Libreros, Bustamante de la Cámara and Pedro Gumiel streets to the east with this last one leading to the Plaza de San Diego. To the south it borders Plaza Rodríguez Marín and communicates with Calle de los Colegios through Callejón de Santa María. In the center of it are walks and garden areas, in addition to the statue of Miguel de Cervantes 1879 and the Kiosk of Music 1898. Rectangular in shape, it has an area of11,900 m² (200 meters long, 60 meters wide) Its north and west sides are supported. Currently, the Plaza de Cervantes has 72 exempt vertical supports: 16 are columns and 56 are stone pillars.

Alcala de Henares

In the Plaza de Cervantes are some of the most important monuments and institutions of the city, such as: Círculo de Contribuyentes (restaurant casino and events); Hotel Cervantes Ayuntamiento   (city hall) Corral de Comedias (theatre) and and the ruins of the Church of Santa María, destroyed in 1936 at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War , of which its bell tower and its Oidor Chapel are preserved. In her numerous cultural, sporting, political, social and religious activities are celebrated. For example: The Book Fair, Horseback Riding in August and the Three Kings Day, Cervantino Market and Easter Processions. Also, the Municipal Tourist Office is in Callejón de Santa María, 1.

Alcala de Henares

It is indeed the center focus of the city of Alcalà de Henares and a must to visit. Lovely architecture and historic buildings all around it. Some webpages to help you enjoy further the Plaza de Cervantes are

The Calle Mayor webpage on the Plaza de Cervantes in Spanish: La Calle Mayor webpage on the Plaza de Cervantes

The tourist office of the city of Alcala de Henares in Spanish on things to see: City of Alcala de Henares on tourism

The tourist office of Alcala de Henares unofficial: Tourist office of Alcala de Henares unofficial on the Plaza de Cervantes

The tourist office of the Comunidad de Madrid on Alcalà de Henares things to see in Spanish: Tourist office of Comunidad de Madrid on Alcala de Henares

There you go a wonderful square in a wonderful city of my Madrid and Spain. Hope you enjoy the tour on these awesome places such as the Plaza de Cervantes in Alcalà de Henares.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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