The Church of Alpajés ,Aranjuez!

So let me stay in royal Spain and tell you a bit more about the wonderful monuments of the princely city of Aranjuez, Comunidad de Madrid, and the wonderful Church of Alpajés. Of course, you can browse my previous posts on Aranjuez but I feel this Church was not mentioned enough in blog. This post will remedy that me think and I thank you for reading.

The Church of Alpajés ,also known as the Church of the Virgen de las Angustias (sorrows Virgin church) is a church located in the city of Aranjuez on the banks of the Tajo river. Its construction began in 1681, however, the execution of the works would take time, having to be ordered by king Felipe V its completion.


It was in 1690 when the inscription of its facade was placed indicating that its plant had been completed, remaining to build the main chapel. It has a Latin cross laidout. It was located in the old medieval neighborhood of Alpajés that was absorbed during the expansion of Aranjuez in the 18C.

The Church of Alpajés has a sober Baroque style façade with elements of classical architecture, with a brick façade and white apiary stone. The octagonal dome on the outside shows the heraldic shield of Carlos II with the date 1690. Inside is the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The church, completed in 1749 and modified in the 19C, would suffer a fire during the Spanish Civil War that would force the reconstruction in the late 20C of the dome, the choir, the roofs and the body of the sacristy, configuring the current volume that we can see today.

It is currently the parish Church of Our Lady of Sorrows (Alpajés) , patron Saint of Aranjuez.

There is a bit more in the city of Aranjuez on the Church of Alpajés in Spanish: City of Aranjuez on the Church of Alpajés

The Comunidad de Madrid region tourist page has more with the name of Church of Nuestra Señora de las Angustias in Spanish: Comunidad de Madrid tourism on the Church

There you go a nice church to stop by very near the Jardin del Principe or Prince’ garden of the Palace of Aranjuez. With your back to the palace walk up Calle del Principe in about 10-15 minutes depending longer if like us you are curious on your walks. Anyway hope you enjoy the brief post on the nice Church of Alpajés or de las Angustias in Aranjuez

And remember, happy travels ,good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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