The windmills of Belmonte!

Here I am again on the nostalgic route, remembering in our times the wonderful moments spent in my beloved Spain. I have of course, several , many posts on Spain in my blog and many on the region of Castilla La Mancha, and a few on the town of Belmonte. However, was dealing with the immense castle and there is a particular nice monument there off the beaten path, I like to tell you a bit more.

You know, windmills are really popular in Spain, especially along the route of Quijote, but very few are aware there are windmills in Belmonte! Let me tell you a bit more ok.



Many will think that it is a structure created in Spain, since it is one of the icons, but if they have been here since the 16C, it is the fault of the Crusaders. They were discovered in Jerusalem and this is how they came to populate much of the peninsula. In Belmonte you can still enjoy the typical La Mancha windmills, since those of this town are still standing and in good condition. The three mills of Belmonte are somewhat different, they are not entirely white but made of stone and that gives them a touch that is worth stopping and admiring.



About 500 meters from the center of Belmonte; the most famous of all is the windmill “El Puntal”, which preserves all its original machinery and which can be seen at some time doing a traditional milling. Inside you can visit an exhibition of tiles. In addition to views of pure postcard and simply magical Castilian sunsets. Indeed!


Tourist section of the city of Belmonte something on these windmills: City of Belmonte on things to see

Hope you enjoy it and do stop by after seeing the wonderful castle of Belmonte (see my posts), a worthwhile trip in beautiful dreamers’ country! The windmills of Belmonte!!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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  1. I stayed in Belmonte in March 2009. The castle was closed for restoration but the windmills were open!

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