Church San Bartolome, Belmonte!

So let me stay in this picturesque town of my Castilla La Mancha region as in Belmonte all is nice. I have to admit came here for the castle very historical of Spain and France.However, there is a lot more in this small town in the province of Cuenca. Let me tell you a bit more on the Church San Bartolomé.

This is one never been inside as not enough time for the castle on both times there. It will be on my list to hit it next time.

The Collegiate Church of San Bartolomé is located in the upper town of Belmonte, wthin the walled area, guards the wealth of faith and religiosity of a town made history and art, for more than five centuries. The Collegiate Church of San Bartolomé was built on the old Visigothic parish of the 5C. A human burial and a flat stone at its head, with the Crismón incised XP, along with other remains and old walls, which appeared in restoration works of 1976, so attest.


The Marquis of Villena and Master of the Order of Santiago, Don Juan Pacheco makes almost all the church work and built it again from the foundations. At his request, Pope Pius II erected the parish of Belmonte as a Collegiate Church in 1459.


The brief description from the translated blog of it as I did not had time to go inside. Too much time spent on the castle!!(see post). It has a floor plan of three large naves and of severe magnificence, with four sections that separate thick round pillars, supporting pointed arches and ribbed vaults. The supports are circular, solid and robust columns, with double pillars that serve as support to the same vaults. The Puerta de Perdones (forgiveness door), the one to the west, is flanked by two sprouted and lowered arches, sheltered under another slightly pointed one, on whose eardrum and above the mullion the solemn and majestic figure of Saint Bartholomew emerges. The Puerta del Sol or (Sun door), facing towards noon, is surrounded by two Gothic pinnacles. The hollow of the door is a lowered arch inscribed inside another trilobal of the flowery Gothic. At the intersection of all the ribs of the vault, as well as its support in each of the corresponding columns, a heraldic motif appears with the arms of the Marquis de Villena’s surnames.

The stalls of the choir of the Collegiate Church of San Bartolomé are from 1454, is the first historical choir in Spain, made up of an icon and one of the most outstanding parts of the collegiate church. It was carved from walnut wood originally intended for the Cathedral of Cuenca as commissioned by Bishop Don Lope Barrientos and transferred to Belmonte in the 18C, as stated in the minutes of the town’s council of Cuenca. The painting of the Virgin that is in the Sacristy, is placed on the presidential chair; it is a beautiful canvas on panel of the Virgin with Jesus, recently taken down from the Cross, dead in her arms, of great merit and artistic quality, The stalls were completed with the realization in 1718 of a pipe organ.

From a distance it looks very nice, and closeup outside is awesome indeed more like a Cathedral than a Collegiate Church so on the list to be seen in my beloved Castilla La Mancha. Hope you make it here too it is worth it I say.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

The official blog of the Church San Bartolomé in Spanish: Collegiate Church San Bartolomé

Tourist office of province of Cuenca on the Church in English: Tourist office of province of Cuenca on the church

Tourist office of Castilla La Mancha on the Church in English: Tourist office Castilla La Mancha on the Church

Tourist office of Castilla La Mancha on the Church’s museum in English:  Tourist office of Castilla La Mancha on the Church’s museum

There you go for me noted down on the list to see. Belmonte is nice worth the trip to see these wonderful monuments again and of course inside the Collegiate Church of San Bartolome.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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