Always on my mind, Las Majadas!

So , here again, several posts on it but its special for us; read on Las Majadas. See it visited and stay at the house, all recommended and you know I usually do not do this on my travels.

We have come here in 2016, we love it!!! thinking to enjoy our summer family vacation we had our usual family council of ministers meeting::) We quickly decided it must be Spain again !!! great! for me. Then, we talked long and search our records and many online sites for the place to be base for our trip.

We took a while but at the end we came back to the same place as in 2017. The house is wonderful roomy cool and in the center of the town; the owners are wonderful human being very laid back country folks who enjoy talking and sharing stories;great ! Here we are to show some pictures of the house and more on some businesses we patronized.

The town is Las Majadas in the Serrania de Cuenca about 1400 meters up and 36 km from the Unesco World Heritage site of Cuenca. The house is Casa Rural Pitu at calle Anastacio Lasso near the clock tower which houses the pharmacy and library of the town!. This is a town that in Summer may have 1000 folks but in Winter is down to about 50! It was a dream vacation each time, and we love it enough said. I have several posts on it just for the memories.

Las Majadas

The house was great with four bedrooms and two baths, on two levels, and easy in and out, walking distance to all. It was completely stock with all you need for a family vacation hands free. The owners were wonderful and very kind, we will missed them until then. I will always recommend the house to all, check it out.

Las Majadas

Las Majadas

Las Majadas

The town of Las Majadas is very friendly and easy to walk, with great pathways into the mountains for the courageous runner/walker/hiker is a paradise. We   tucked in the city and the great bars and restos in it. Sad to hear the bakery has close down and now bread is deliver after 10h at the local school.

We were at 1400 meters altitude (about 4593 feet) and the driving down and up is winding and zig zag’s roads with gorgeous mountains views with lookout stops along the way to enjoy the scenery more.

Las Majadas

Las Majadas

In all, it was a great place to be at. We are already talked about next year would it be a third? or try something different, time and memories will lingered and we will decide by next February 2018. Unfortunately, never came to be as my dear late wife Martine passed away from pancreatic cancer on April 30 2018.

For now, I and the boys have the wonderful memories and trips around the area and remembrance. Las Majadas, Province of Cuenca, autonomous region of Castilla La Mancha in the  Serrania de Cuenca mountains will always be a home.

I will give you several webpages more than usual from me anyway, but I believe all useful to showcase the area, the house the place Las Majadas.

Casa Rural Pitu again is here in Spanish: Casa Rural Pitu in Las Majadas

Do not see getting into the city hall but the rural site where we first found the house tells you about Las Majadas in Spanish: Escapada rural on Las Majadas

Tourist office of Province of Cuenca on part of Las Majadas in English: Descubre Cuenca on mountain routes

Tourist office of Castilla La Mancha on Las Majadas in English: Tourist office of Castilla La Mancha on Las Majadas

Tourist office of Castilla La Mancha on the Serrania de Cuenca in English: Tourist office of Castilla La Mancha on the Serrania de Cuenca

Guia Repsol of Spain on Las Majadas (Michelin of Spain) in Spanish: Guia Repsol on Las Majadas

There you go a wonderful nature’s world place away from it all in the mountains yet full of wonderful fun nice folks. Hope you too can enjoy this beautiful corner of my Spain, Las Majadas! My souvenirs will remain very strong for it.

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!!

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