Quart Towers in Valencia!

So will tackle in this post a unique interesting monument that I would dare to say is off the beaten path in Valencia, Spain. We come to see the great monuments and we passed by these mostly unnoticed except by yours truly always looking for architecture and history. Let me tell you a bit more about the Quart towers of Valencia. or Torres de Quart.

The Torre de Quart towers are twin towers, which were part of the medieval wall that protected the old center of the city of Valencia. They are located at the intersection of Calle Guillén de Castro and Calle Quart. The Quart Towers were built by masters in the noble art of stones in the 15C, between the years 1441 and 1460.  The style of the towers belongs to the late military Valencian Gothic style.


The Quart Towers, owes their name to the fact that they were located on the path that leads to the center of the city, from Plaza de La Virgen square where the Cathedral of Valencia is, to the village Quart de Poblet. The towers provided western access to traffic from Castilla. The Quart towers were also called Porta or Portal de Cuarte.

These towers have gone through the War of Succession, the War of Independence against the French, the Cantonal Revolution and the Spanish Civil War. You can still see in their thick walls the holes of the impacts caused by the cannonballs of the Revolutionary War. And they are still standing!

From 1626 until the 18C, they housed the women’s prison. Until 1874, they were called the Lime Towers because the Lime used to coat the houses of Valencia, had to enter through the door between the two towers.

The Quart towers are the remains of the old medieval rampart of Valencia. From the last decade of the 20C, parrots and other exotic birds escaped from their masters, nested and reproduced in the holes caused by the artillery in their exterior facade. Today, in the 21C, the Quart towers still stand; they have restore their exterior facade, blackened by the exhaust fumes from traffic passing through calle Quart and Calle Guillén de Castro.

The tourist office of Valencia on the torres de Quart in English: Tourist office of Valencia on the Quart Towers

And there you go we went by walking and then passed many times by car while in the city. We were there from Madrid by car and it was wonderful, it ought to be seen the Quart towers for the architecture and the history that they have cover.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. I climbed to the top of those towers just last year Thanks for the memory nudge.

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