General Santos City!

And let be back to Asia, and take  you to an unique city way down under and off the beaten path of the Philippines! I was here to tell you even if the area was not visited extensively. It is an area to go with caution.

Anyway, let me tell you a bit more on the General Santos City!

General Santos City or GenSan was previously known as Dadiangás, and is the southernmost large city in the Philippines. It is geographically located in the province of Cotabato del Sur, but is administered independently of it.

The first inhabitants of General Santos were the nomads B’laan. Within the framework of a colonization movement organized by the Philippine State, General Santos Paulino led the installation of 62 Christians from the Island of Luzon on the shores of Sarangani Bay. The first settlers came aboard the steamer “Basilan” of the Compañia Maritima on February 27, 1939. gradually leading the B’laans to move to the mountains and lose their traditional livelihoods. During WWII, the Municipal District of Buayan where General Santos is located today was occupied by Japan. Remains from this era can still be seen at the Guadalupe site. Six years later, in June 1954, the city was renamed General Santos in tribute to the pioneer general. The city of General Santos is the largest producer of tuna in the Philippines. GenSan is the second largest fishing port in the country.

And I had to take a loong air trip to get there!!! I had to go the night before on a hotel at Nantes airport and the next morning walking to the airport and take my AF flight to Paris CDG and then China Southern Airlines to Guangzhou, China , changing again on China Southern to Manila inter airport. Finally, set for General Santos City on Cebu Pacific Airlines. 

General Santos International Airport is approximately 14 km away from the central business district of the city. A concrete 6 km Philippine-American Friendship Road and the 30 km General Santos Diversion Road connects the airport to the Pan Philippines Highway leading to the city proper as well as to the nearby provinces. General Santos city is located at the head of Sarangani Bay of the Celebes Sea along the southern shore of Mindanao.

gen santos city

I headed to my hotel upon arriving late a night: I had local driver and stay at the Microtel by Wynham hotel  which was nice and friendly, the place to be in town me think. And yes photo turn out blurry but only one I have ! Webpage: Microtel Hotel at GenSan

gen santos city

I ate at Big Ben Restaurant, where the tuna steak was great as the city is famous for it ,tuna that is. more on their Facebook page here: Facebook page of Big Ben Steaks & Grill

gen santos city

I took my time upon my first full day in town, and did a lot of walking ,the city is base around lots of malls or shopping centers where the locals and nearby areas come in for shopping and night out.  And of course, tried one of these buggy transport idea!

gen santos city

I went for dinner at Giligan’s where the tuna feast continue, and great San Miguel beers, the resto is a chain and this one was Inside the Veranza mall a nice shopping place too, go to Mindanao and then Veranza Mall for more at Giligans’ webpage here: Giligans restaurant at Veranza mall

gen santos city

As said, General Santos City is the shopping capital of the Soccksargen region.(formerly central Mindanao) These malls are home to both national and international brands of retail merchandises as well as restaurants and cafes. So , if want to browse for some bargain shopping, its the best one two combination in town, here is the Veranza mall webpage: KCC Malls on the Veranza mall

gen santos city

The overall tourist office for General Santos city is here: Official tourist office of General Santos City

And there you go another spot in my globettroter globe and nice experiences, good friends still in touch, and always looking forward for a repeat visit. Hope you have enjoy the tour of General Santos City in the Philippines!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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