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March 19, 2020

Go Jalisco, Mexico!!!

We have an old saying that says Jalisco do not quit because if you quit better kick back. or something like that. The bottom line they keep trying and won’t give up; I have met several and some can call friends over the years going there.

The pictures are few but the memories are big, this is arriving at the airport of Guadalajara but going to nice town in land such as Tepatitlan de Morelos and San Juan de los Lagos and even passing by picturesques ones such as Zapoten! Hope you enjoy the ride as I did. To note there is a hugely followed Basilica in San Juan de los Lagos that I have written an apart post on it, very nice search Tepa in my blog.

I was in Mexico ,coming by DF and going on a domestic flight to the State of Jalisco and landing at the Guadalajara airport, then by car visit the above mentioned cities.

The airport was that of Guadalajara webpage in English here:Guadalajara airport main site in English


And went over to Tepatitlan de Morelos a nice town country cozy feeling. We turn into my hotel at the city  of Tepatitlan de Morelos, meaning a place amongst stone, and it has the history of been invaded by the French in 1864, and its big party is from April 12 to April 30 which I caught a bit of it from the 12 to the 15 and it was great party on the streets lively  ,under control .

tepatitlan de Morelos

Here I stayed at the wonderful Grand Hotel of French decoration and one of the owner is French. My rooms were the Mandela and Rangel , all the rooms are individually decorated  inmense wonderful, class in an unusual place; I was priviledge to see the room Marie Antoinette which is only given to VIP folks.  Having breakfast in the Café Paris is grand and great views over the city . The webpage is here: Grand Hotel Boutique of Tepatitlan de Morelos

tepatitlan de Morelos

tepatitlan de morelos

Here I had the luck to go to a local seafood restaurant ; the center of my dine outs, I was introduce to the restaurant Don K, or Don Camaron (shrimp).  You guess it plenty of it with great beers . The sport TV all over, the friendly service, good food, good company was all it took. I saw football/soccer games of the Champions League of Europe there,and it has football nights as well that is soccer. I came back always to eat here!!! It is at Dr. J. Ricardo Alcala Iñiguez 284, Alameda, 47650 Tepatitlán de Morelos Telephone +52 378 715 5140 . Here is their Facebook page : Facebook page of Don K resto in Tepatitlan de Morelos

tepatitlan de morelos

We did some traveling by car and walk from our hotel to a wonderful place for dinner Bistro 77 right in city center near the wonderful Cathedral and kiosk in the park. Wonderful Pulpo beers and pizzas with hot chili mexican here, great tv screens and wonderful friendly service. Webpage in Spanish here: Bistro 77 at Tepatitlan de Morelos

tepatitlan de morelos

The town has many churches and a great central plaza, nice for walks very laidback and quiet nice country town indeed. One never know how to find these jewels , but there are out there, there in Jalisco and Mexico.

The tourist office of Tepatitlan de Morelos on things to see in Spanish: Tourist office of Tepatitlan de Morelos

Then, moving on to the nice town of San Juan de los Lagos, where the church is second only to Guadalupe in Mexico city as the most important there; already visited by Pope John Paul II.  Just a heads up for the post on it as said above see it apart. The Church of Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos, 76 miles or 122 kms north of Guadalajara. The sanctuary begain in 1542 and the church in 1732. It is gorgeous and a must to see ,drive there you will be fascinated by the devotion and spirituality of this church. The town is very nice in its center too. Here is the official govt webpage in Spanish , for the history you hit “San Juan Frente a su Historia” and a pdf file will come on which you can read or print in Spanish : City page of San Juan de los Lagos

San Juan de los Lagos

And a nice webpage on the Basilica Church of Notre Dame or Our Lady here: Mexconnect wegpage on the Basilica Church of San Juan de los Lagos

I went out to Zapoten , nice town and had lunch on the road at Birreria Chololo with goat meat and beers Indio oscura. An institution in the area, they are at Carretera a Chapala Km 17, Tlajomulco de Zuñiga, no webpage but a nice page to describe it a bit further is here: Foursquare on Birreria Chololo



There you go a nice brief ride into beautiful country in Jalisco, Mexico away from the crowds in the countryside and beautiful. Hope you enjoy the ride to these superb towns.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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