Jardim Botanico, Curitiba, Brazil!!

And why not follow up on the pretty nice city of Curitiba in lovely Brazil with another monument have written briefly in previous post but feel deserve a post of its own, for me its a must to see while in the area. I will tell you some on the Jardim Botanico or botanical garden of Curitiba, in the State of Paranà, Brazil. Hope you enjoy it as I did.

The Jardim Botanico de Curitiba or the Botanical Garden of Curitiba or the Botanical Garden Francisca Maria Garfunkel Rischbieter is located in the jardim botanico district of the city of Curitiba.  It is in part of the campus of the Federal University of Paranà. It is one of the tourist symbol of the city and for good reason, it is gorgeous In 2007, it was chosen by voters in a worldwide vote at Mapa-Mundi to choose the Seven Wonders of Brazil.


Inaugurated on October 5, 1991, its official name Jardim Botanico Francisca Richbieter pays homage to the urban planner Francisca Maria Garfunkel Rischbieter, one of the pioneers in the urban planning work of the capital of the state of Paraná. The Botanical Garden has a total area of 278 thousand square meters, including the forest with preserved Atlantic forest. It is located at Rua Engenheiro Ostoja Roguski street in the district or Bairro Jardim Botânico.

The garden contains numerous plant specimens from Brazil and other countries, scattered through malls and glass and iron greenhouses, the main one with three Art Nouveau vaults inspired by the 19C London Crystal Palace.


The Frans Krajcberg Cultural Space, with the permanent exhibition “A Revolta”, works by the Polish nationalized Brazilian artist Frans Krajcberg. The name “A Revolta” expresses the artist’s feeling about the limitless destruction caused by man in Brazilian forests. In this gallery are exhibited 110 large works, all made from the remains of burnt or illegally felled trees. There is also an exhibition of photos taken by the sculptor himself, sale of books related to the artist and the possibility of monitored visits. The main purpose of the space is, according to Krajcberg, environmental awareness.

The Botanical Garden was dotted in 1992 with an auditorium, research center, space for specialized library and room for temporary and permanent exhibitions. Currently the Botanical Museum of Curitiba having the fourth largest herbarium in the country, with approximately 400 thousand exsiccates or dry plants prepared for botanical collection; in addition to the collection of samples of wood and fruits and in the park there is a research center for the flora of Paraná and Brazil.

Opened in December 2008,(at the time I was working there and saw the opening) Jardim das Sensações or garden of sensations is a space bounded by a hedge, where the visitor’s feelings are tempted, through direct contact with plants of different shapes, textures and aromas. Through the fence and the vegetable tunnel you can see the colors of nature, feel the texture, shape and size of the plants with your hands, hear the sound of the waterfall and the wind, smell the scent of flowers and vegetation. The route can be done blindfolded or not!

It is something wonderful and well worth the stop if in the area , hope you do. Enjoy the Botanical Garden of Curitiba.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

City of Curitiba on the Botanical Garden in Portuguese (I speak hope  you do if not a translator will suffice): City of Curitiba on the Botanical Garden

Tourist office of Curitiba on the Botanical Garden again in Portuguese.  Tourist office of Curitiba on the Botanical Garden

There you go , all set, go!! And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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