Opera de Arame, Curitiba, Brazil!

And let me keep you in the pleasant pretty modern city of Curitiba in the State of Paranà in the beautiful country of Brazil. I lived there as an expat and even thus written several posts on the city and its attributes feel some were left untouch enough, this is the case of the Opera do Arame or wire opera house of Curitiba.

The Opera de Arame or Wire Opera House was built in 1992 It is a construction of a circular form consisting of  wire tubes and polycarbonate container. These tubes enclose a structure of cage that is why the origin of its name Opera de Arame or Wire Opera House. You access by a passerelle on pilotis. The play Dream of a Midsummer Night, by English author William Shakespeare, inaugurated the space. Directed by Cacá Rosset , the show kicked off the 1st Curitiba Theater Festival.


The auditorium with a capacity of 2,400 people,but because of limitation on crowd control only allowed maximum capacity of 1,572 spectators are used for theatrical and musical presentations. In the nearby park, big outdoor events are held. The 1,572 seats located inside the concert hall are divided as follows: 1,406 seats located in the audience; 136 seats in cabins; 18 spaces for people with special needs; 12 seats for obese people. Regarding the dimensions of the stage, it has 21.3 m of front, 20.5 m of box, 23.3 m of depth and 6.65 m of height at the stage.


In addition to enjoying the side view when yuo are under the passarelle or walkway, thanks to the small holes in the floor you can also contemplate the water under your feet.

The Wire Opera House is located in a park, the Parque das Pedreiras in memory of Paulo Leminski, on the site of an old granite quarry, surrounded by vegetation. It is built along a lake. It opened in 1990, both , they form Parque das Pedreiras.

The Parque das Pedreiras or Quarry park has more than 100,000 square meters of area. The Paulo Leminski Cultural Space was opened in 1989 and has the capacity to house 20,000 people outdoors.

The Curitiba govt tourist office has a bit more in Portuguese on the Opera de Arame: Tourist office of Curitiba on the Opera de Arame

The official parque de pedreiras in English: Parque de Pedreiras and the Opera de Arame

Hope you enjoy the post and do visit this enchanted city of many memories for me who one day hope to visit, worth the detour. the Parque de Pedreiras with the nice Opera de Arame are worth it.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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