Memories of Krakow! Poland!!

And so remembering some of escapes in Europe and this time to the new visited country of Poland I came upon Krakow. I have heard the city before as the birthplace of Pope John Paul II one of the true Popes in our history me think. Of course, I have written before on the city but this time will concentrate on the hotel and restaurants.  Hope you enjoy it as I did.

Of course, as for the last several years took off from Nantes Atlantique airport to Paris CDG and then onwards to John Paul II International Airport Kraków–Balice (KRK) . The trip to the hotel was  11 km or about 7 miles.

There is a service to the hotel Sheraton Grand Hotel with the navette bus service with prior reservation, the run is done 24/24 7 days a week. There is a regular bus service and of course the taxis which is what I took!

The Sheraton Grand Hotel has a wonderful location walking to the Wawel castle and the clock tower Sigismond along the Wisla river. There is a beautiful atrium with enclosed glass that gives it a charm to this 5 star hotel.  Certainly one of the best accommodation options in Kraków, everyone from celebs and diplomats to weekenders and corporate travellers bustle through the glass-covered atrium of this sparkling five-star venture. Kraków’s Sheraton was the first to be designated as a Grand five star hotel in Poland!, thus pushing it into the most elite class of Sheraton hotels. All the top amenities you’d expect are here, plus several fine restaurants and bars, including the seasonal Rooftop Terrace & Lounge bar overlooking the river and castle. There is a wonderful indoor heated pool as well and a nice ground floor restaurant ,The Olive Restaurant.


Official Sheraton Grand Hotel webpage in English: Sheraton Grand Hotel brand of Marriott

I did try the Sheraton Grand Hotel Taras terrace top floor city view place in season, and the Olive Restaurant that are good on a rainy day in the hotel as I was; the grilled Polish beef tenderloins are good deal and more great well this time try the Valpolicella Italian red wine.


The Taras top roof terrace webpage in English is here: Official Taras Lounge Bar


I went outside the hotel on several occasions to see the sights and eat out and the experience was very nice.

One old reliable was found ! doing some walking!! For lunch I went for the classic international of Hard Rock Café in the Grand square corner with Market square (Mariacki) ,where the classic rock posters and paintings couple with a great burger and huge jar of beer was the setting for longer walks in the city lol! Hickory Barbecue Bacon Cheeseburger, and the local Polish beer of  Zywiec. It was a lovely setting and great views too. More in English here: Hard Rock Cafe Krakow



To top it off, the night went to a delightful wonderful friendly place I will be back; this is the Pod Nosem restaurant.  This is at the ground floor of the Hotel  Kanonicza 22. It is an old vault cellar with a twisted stair to dine above,and then you can come down to the cellar below ,where there is a glass floor you can see it from your table. At the cellar there are goodies to drink of the best of Poland; again will be back . Here I had the  Lamb Chump with young cabbage and potato puree, the local dessert Pavlova with Strawberries and Tokaj Szamorodni, and coffee expresso., all wash down with Polish red wine cannot recall the name lol! ….

This is an elegant upscale dining experience on Krakow’s oldest street, ‘under the nose’ (as the name translates) of  Wawel castle. Tantalising smells from the open kitchen will hit yours upon entry. The interior has some fine and creative touches with regal tapestries, embroidered seating, gorgeous dishware and some clever lamp fixtures whose profile pay tribute to the name. More info in English here: Pod Nosem resto in Kanonicza 22 hotel Krakow



I had another round for another lunch and went to the Biala Roza Restaurant; this is a traditional Polish restaurant of great renown in the city and the food was fantastic. Smoked pork  fatback, Duck breast, and Strawberries macaroons with red wine from the Loire of France! sublime. Unfortunately in a hurry did not took pictures, good reason to come back…

The restaurant is located right in the heart of the Krakow Old Town, nestled alongside the Market Square, the Planty and Wawel Castle, your eyes and ears will be in for as divine an experience as your mouth and nose. Biala Roza bring a light touch to Polish cuisine, avoiding the heaviness of traditional Polish cooking, whilst still keeping  if not improving  its exquisite taste. Their wine list includes an extensive range of bio-dynamic, organic and natural wines. A remarkable selection of indigenous grape varieties demonstrates that pairings with local Polish cuisine can be an unmatched dining experience. Very nice recommended. More info in English here: Biala Roza Restaurant

A bit more info to help you plan your trip to wonderful Krakow

The city tourist office: Visit Krakow the tourist office

The Polish tourist office on Krakow: Stay in Poland tourist office on Krakow

And voilà a wonderful trip to the nice Krakow, been here twice and looking forward for more. Hope you enjoy the tour.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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