Another look at Honfleur!!!

Ok so will be just a typical tourist guide on this one. As have written many posts on one of my favorites cities of France, Honfleur in Normandy. It is , also, very sentimental for me and my family but already told you that several times so wont repeat. We do have booked for May 2020 again so will preview what they have there from their tourist office.


The privileged location of Honfleur offers an ideal place to stay in any season. The small maritime town invites you to discover its picturesque streets and old houses in the heart of a protected area of 37 hectares created in 1974.

The districts of Honfleur:

The Enclosure. The complex formed by the Vieux Bassin, the picturesque houses of the Quai Sainte-Catherine, the Lieutenancy and the Saint-Etienne Church is what first catches the visitor’s attention. It is in this district that the Greniers à Sel (17C), formerly warehouses for gabelle and fishing salt, are now located.

The Faubourg Sainte-Catherine. The Sainte-Catherine district is the former suburb of seafarers. Explore its alleys and notably visit the impressive Sainte-Catherine Church (15C and 16C). Witness to the work of the carpenters of the time, this building is unique: it is the largest church in France built of wood with a separate bell tower. This bell tower, built largely of wood, dates from the end of the 15C. Today it is an annex to the Eugène Boudin Museum, dedicated to religious art.

The Faubourg Saint-Léonard. The façade of the Saint-Léonard Church and the first span of its nave date from its reconstruction in the late 15C and early 16C. The beautiful flamboyant Gothic portal is topped by an elegant octagonal bell tower dating from 1760.

The Jardin Retrouvé. The Retrouved Garden. As you walk along the pier and Boulevard Charles V, you will discover the Jardin Retrouvé, a public garden created in 1996. An ideal setting for enjoying a pleasant moment of relaxation. In particular, your children can enjoy a playground.

The Jardin du Tripot. This garden is a real invitation to stroll, a haven of tranquility in the heart of the historic center. During the renovation, vestiges of the old tanneries were brought up to date.

The Jardin des Personnalités or garden of Personalities.   Along the Promenade de la Jeté, you can discover the Garden of Personalities and these garden boats, at the center of which are the busts of actors of the historical and cultural heritage of Honfleur such as Eugène Boudin, Alphonse Allais, Charles Baudelaire, Claude Monet, Erik Satie ,etc etc.

The Plage or Beach. The town of Honfleur is classified as a seaside resort and has been awarded the Pavillon Bleu or Blue Flag since 2010. The beach is equipped with bathing cabins and showers. A paddling pool and games have been installed for children. For your safety, this beach is monitored in July and August. Provision of wheelchairs adapted for people with reduced mobility, free parking and sanitary facilities in the immediate vicinity. Fast food in summer season.

The Plateau de Grâce offers a magnificent panorama over the Seine estuary. There is also one of the oldest sanctuaries in the region built between 1600 and 1615: the Chapelle Notre Dame de Grâce or Our Lady of Grace . Mont-Joli overlooks the city and offers a splendid view of the Seine valley and the Pont de Normandie.

Around Honfleur:

Towards Beuzeville. Discover a rural area, from Berville-sur-Mer with its famous Esplanade de la Liberté to Saint Sulpice de Grimbouville with its medieval house, passing through Beuzeville and the magnificent stained glass windows of its Saint-Hélier Church.

Towards Trouville. Along the sea by Vasouy with its church, some parts of which date from the 12C. Pennedepie and its church partly built in the 12C, its hikes in the Bois du Breuil and its cider producers. Cricquebœuf and its 12C Saint-Martin Church.

Towards the Pont de Normandie. La Rivière Saint-Sauveur, a town with a renowned fruit production vocation.

The countryside towards Deauville. Passing by   Équemauville, this pleasant village overlooking Honfleur. Barneville-la-Bertran and its 17-18C castle (closed to visitors) and its church.

The countryside south of Honfleur. Ablon with its 18C castle (closed to visitors) and its 15C Saint-Pierre Church. Gonneville-sur-Honfleur and its 13C church (closed to visitors). Fourneville and its 12-13C church. Theilen-Auge and its 14-15C church. Genneville and its 13C church. Quetteville and its church having preserved some vestiges of the 11C.

All around a super visit awaits those willing enough to leave Paris and explore the movable feast of France and one of its pillars Normandy and at Honfleur.

Some of my favorite activities in Honfleur we enjoyed as a family over the years are!

From April 24 to 26: 9th Wine Fair .Come and discover the wine regions of France, represented by the 50 or so independent winegrowers present. Around tastings, the public is invited to share a convivial moment of exchanges on the profession and the terroir of these passionate men – Friday from 16h to 21h. Saturday from 10h. to 20h, Sunday from 10h to 18h at Greniers à Sel de Honfleur , free entry.

From April 18 & 19: Salon Passionnément Jardin. Come and share a friendly moment at the Jardin Public de Honfleur. The event brings together more than 70 professionals passionate about the world of the garden, gathered to provide advice, demonstrations and know-how to visitors – From 10h to 19h, 4€ per person, free -18 years old.

On Friday, May 8: 75th Anniversary of the Allied Victory over the occupier. Religious Office and ceremony at the War Memorial at 11h – Reception at the City/Town Hall . Commemorative ceremony of 8 May 1945, at 11h. at the Halle au Blé in Beuzeville.

159éme Fête des Marins (tops) Seafarer’s Festival May 30 to June 1 Pentecost weekend. There is an event not to be missed in Honfleur every year at Pentecost! Moment of sharing, moment of meditation, come and attend the Blessing of the Sea, the pilgrimage to the Chapelle Notre Dame de Grâce, or even the mass outdoors! Ask the tourist office for the detailed program

Saturday June 6: 76th Anniversary of the Allied Landings in Normandy and Tribute to the Civil and Military Victims of the Indochina War. Ceremony at the War Memorial and the Allied Stele at 11h – Reception at the City/Town Hall of Honfleur.

Some pdf files from the tourist office of Honfleur to help you plan your trip here and it is a must! You can click the links or copy paste to your browser.

Map of Honfleur:

Tourist guide of Honfleur:

Lodging guide of Honfleur:

Restaurant guide of Honfleur:

And of course the tourist office of Honfleur: Tourist office of Honfleur in English

There you go, feel free to search Honfleur in my blog and see the many features of this lovely town which as said is very dear to us and we visit every year, again May’20 booked.

Hope you enjoy the post and information helpful for visiting it is a must. And remember, happy travel, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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