Lacanau Océan!!

And yes just a simple beach town for many but many nice memories for me here at Lacanau Océan, in the Médoc of Bordeaux, dept 33 of Gironde in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of my belle France.

Of course, as always, have written pieces before on it but mostly concentrate on the wonderful beaches here and world surfing area. And of course, on the other side by the Garonne/Dordogne rivers you have the area of the best wines in the world!

Let me tell you here about a little camping call Les Grands Pins. We wanted an area of beaches but I insisted on near wines…So we settle for the compromise of renting a mobile home vacation at a camping very near the beach in Lacanau-Océan ,about 300 meters, but a nice ride amongt pine trees into the wine world along the D6 into Margaux!

lacanau ocean

Camping is very popular in France and even with visitors from other European countries. So it wasn’t that hard to ask collegues in my Paris office for suggestions and Lacanau Océan at Les Grands Pins came up. It was the best decision we could had made and did came back in subsequents years here until 2015, when already the boys big and living in the Morbihan of  Brittany. 

Lacanau Ocean

The metro area if we can call it that of Lacanau is composed of several zones: Lacanau-Ville, consisting of the town. Lacanau-Océan, (the one we always stayed here) area on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. A seaside resort, it appeared at the beginning of the 20C. Sketched during the period between the two wars, it developed in the years 1960-1970, as part of the development of the Aquitaine coast. Lacanau-Océan is separated from Lacanau-Ville by the road D6 and 13 km and the lake of Lacanau-Lac, composed of several hamlets such as Talaris, Le Moutchic, le Tedey, Longarisse, La Grande Escoure, and Carreye.

Lacanau Ocean

This camping is tops you can walk to the Lacanau-Océan city center and the beaches and plenty of family activities inside! The beaches at Lacanau-Océan are 16 km long or about 10 miles and are three south, central, and north (sud, central, nord). The one and only for rentals was the Camping Yelloh! village Les Grands Pins 5 star rating ,and great for the whole family only 300 meters from the beach!!!  The nice mobile homes, with all amenities, great pricing, with grocery store ,bike rental, pool, exercise room, dancing at nights,and free parking so close to all in the region even trips to Bordeaux. The beach is glorious here, as good as any anywhere, and been to some tops as well as lived near them or on them!

The camping webpage is here: Official camping Les Grands Pins

Here we have done house rental as well. The house is fine but for ambiance and group activities the camping is best.  The house was Villa Gré des flots more expensive and like I said more isolated even if in city center.  Again, we like more the camping. Info here for reference: Rentals Lacanau on the Villa Gré des flots

Some additional webpages to help you plan your trip here and it is recommended are

City of Lacanau in English: City of Lacanau access map

Unofficial webpage on activities in Lacanau-Océan: Lacanau Ocean on activities

There you go one of my fav areas in the huge beautiful France; hope you get the bugs to see something different and beautiful, the beaches of Lacanau, the lake, the casino, and the wines , la vie est belle!!! or is it la vie en rose ? Salut!!

And remember, remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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