Close and nice Landaul!

Here I go again, well hard to come up with titles when trying to tell you about off the beaten path sites in my belle France. This is a small town very near me, I passed by it several times and hardly done a castle on it and that is it. I fell it needs a bit more so therefore, here is my take on Landaul.

Landaul is a town located in the department 56 of Morbihan in the region of Bretagne. The Breton name of the town is Landaol.

During WWII, Landaul was the scene of events linked to its proximity to the battles for the Lorient submarine base. The bombings of Lorient from 1942 gave rise to air combat over the town. On January 23, 1943, an American bomber, the “Beats Me”, hit by nazi fighter planes dropped its bombs on Kergolven before falling down at Kéronic in Pluvigner (yes near the castle see post very near me! he came in 1994 to open a stone memorial (still in my town!!!). The crew included eight airmen: seven were killed, only one, the radio, escaped. His name was Charles Roth. Landaul being located at the edge of the Lorient pocket where the nazis did not capitulate until May 9, 1945.

 Some other things to see here are the Castle of Kerambourg, 15C , a wedding event place now. Castle of Kerambar’h 16C held by the Parmentier family since 1851. It once owned a private chapel, a dovecote and a well. The gardens of Kérambar’h Castle, classified as a Remarkable Garden, is a walk from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance through themed gardens , very nice indeed. The monument to the martyrs of Landaul shot by the nazis on April 30, 1944, located opposite the main entrance to the church, a few meters from the place where they were executed.

And what took my curiosity was the Church of Landaul. A bit of history on it ok.

The Saint-Théleau or Sainte-Marie-Magdeleine Church 15C. Sainte-Magdeleine replaces Saint-Thuriau at the beginning of the 19C and Sainte-Magdeleine is replaced by Saint-Théleau in 1903. The parish church of Landaul having been demolished in 1862, the Chapel Notre-Dame de Bon-Secours founded by the Kerambourg family (see above) and which was close to it in turn became a parish church in May 1863, after having been completely transformed by adding two large chapels forming crosses to the north and south. The chapel had been built around 1450. Fortunately, the beautiful western portal with bays in a basket handle has been preserved intact. The arches are decorated with foliage scrolls, taken under a large arcade in a third point with several archivolts surmounting a tympanum. On the gable rises a square bell-tower, posterior of at least a century, formerly surmounted by a stone spire and flanked by a cylindrical staircase turret. The nave dates from the end of the 15C. Against the north gable, sealed on a granite slab, are aligned the stone statues of Saint Barbe, Saint Isidore and Saint Marguerite.


According to tradition, it was built by a lady from Keramburg, in fulfillment of a wish she had made during a trip to Hungary where, in the crossing of a forest, she had been attacked by ferocious animals. The sites dedicated to Marie-Madeleine attest to the presence of an old infirmary. These communities that treated lepers had a chapel under the patronage of Saint Mary Magdalene or Saint Roch. A cemetery once surrounded the church, bounded by a low wall. In this enclosure there is still a stele engraved with a cross, a Calvary and a yew of venerable age.


Now, this is back country Morbihan in Bretagne and my belle France, a car is king here to see these marvels and well worth it. I give some public transport info as a guidance but be known never taken them for it.

Gare de Landaul-Mendon TER Bretagne in 18 mins to Vannes. Webpage here: TER Bretagne on train station at Landaul Mendon

A Brittany site for all public transports mode in the region no all modes is Breizhgo or Brittany on the go, webpage here: Breizhgo public transport on schedules et hours

And further, for the road.  Department Route D16 can be reach in 8 minutes from my house,and Landaul is connected with the expressway N165 that connects you to Vannes (25 min), the capital of the Morbihan, and Lorient (23 min) the sub capital. Only 18 min from the beaches of Etel and even 21 min from beaches of Carnac; 39 min from those of Quiberon.

Some additional webpages to help you plan your trip here are

City of Landaul on heritage in French: City of Landaul on heritage

Local tourist office of bay of Quiberon on Landaul in French here: Tourist office of Bay of Quiberon on Landaul

And there you go another nice off the beaten path in my Breton lands, as traditional as you can get in France. Hope you enjoy the tour of Landaul and do come over for a stop to the wonderful beaches south of here.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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