A wonderful Castle/Chapel in my Morbihan!

We went by looking to locate the new school of my twins and came upon about this marvel the Chapelle Saint Avoye or chapel of Saint Avoye, in nearby Pluneret,near Auray.  I have read about it,seen the panel indicating its direction but never went by. Finally ,curiosity sit in and did pay a visit. There are so many chapels around here it could fill up your year.  A wonderful architecture marvel from the 16C in the middle of country farms. Very nice indeed, took some shots, not open yet but will surely come back,

The Chapelle de Sainte-Avoye is located more precisely in the village of Sainte-Avoye, in the town of Pluneret in my Morbihan. The chapel is located on the heights of the right bank of the Bono river.  Of course, this is Bretagne or Brittany or Breizh!

The Sainte-Avoye Chapel was erected in the 16C by the Lestrelin family, whose escutcheon surmounts the south door, owner of the Château de Kerisper (see below) which is close to the village. It is a stately chapel funded by the Count of Lestrelin. The family armorial bearings include the family coat of arms. They represented four ducks which were roughly removed with a knife during the French revolution.


Originally,  the bell tower rose well above the current bell tower. This bell tower was a bitter for the sailors and a lookout for its owner who could thus control the traffic on the Bono river. It was struck down in 1727 and its upper part was then replaced by the current frame roof, which is surmounted by an arrow. On October 16, 1987 a storm weakens the bell tower again; it will be rehabilitated in 1988. In 1746, a hurricane breaks the stained glass, during the renovation from 2004 to 2006, will be refurbished in an identical manner to the originals.


The interior flooring is clay. It is an almost unique arrangement of a mixture of lime and earth. The roof of the nave in the shape of an overturned ship’s hull is limed in the old style. Four farms for the nave; three main farms for the choir; croaks, and sculpted sand pits dating from 1557 on the choir pits.

The Saint Avoye Chapel houses a Renaissance rood screen in polychrome oak wood. Executed between 1554 and 1557 by a carpenter by the name of Bizeul; he separated the choir from the nave. It is carved on both sides. The visible side of the nave presents the twelve apostles, The visible side of the choir presents the seven Catholic or theological virtues, and five saints including Saint Yves. The chancel is made up of four panels, one of which has a double leaf door. The chapel also houses a polychrome wooden statue of Saint Avoye dating from the 16C.

The town of Pluneret has schedules and hours for visiting the Chapel in French here: City of Pluneret on the Chapel

The local tourist office of Bay of Quiberon has a bit more in French. Tourist office Bay of Quiberon on the Chapel

As we were nearby and on the same road as the school of my twins, we continue to seek this castle they talk about in the Chapel. And voilà we found the Château de Kerister now in the limits of the town of Le Bono.


We then went to see the Château de Kérisper , the oldest parts are from the 14C, and has 800 m2 along the Bono river, with private ownership of the Sirs of Montigny, ancestors of of Lesterlin. more history: In 1426, it was in the hands of the Sires de Kerisper Lestrelin; at the end of the 15C  to 16C; in 1601 to Montigny, who retain the until the French revolution. To the 19C and 20C, the area belonged successively family Montaigu aux St-Pern in 1876,to the  Grand family in 1897, in 1900, Douault,  and Pommois in 1979. The old castle was partially destroyed. The castle has been modernise at the beginning of the 20C. Octave Mirabeau would have stayed there in 1887-1888  and allegedly wrote “Abbé Jules”. In 1990 the Castle houses the Théatre de l’écume  and an exhibition of floral art. Surrounded by a large park, Kerisper castle is visible at 4 km south of Pluneret. to the left of the road D 101 to Le Bono, between the rivers of Auray and Bono and literally at Le Bono.  It is a castle now preserve for weddings, event, birthdays ,and seminars, on a nice verdant space near the above jardin de mémoire on the same road, first the castle on the left hand side and then the gardens in the right hand site.  more info here:  Chateau de Kerisper on weddings in French



And there you go folks, some nice place to visit in off the beaten path Morbihan, both very near me and welcome. Hope you enjoy the tour and my Morbihan.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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