A bit of Morbihan, Guer !

Well, just realise not given much cover to this area of my beloved Morbihan , this is backward country and we love the road warrior opportunities. Of course, they can be call off the beaten path towns but one at least is world famous ! I like to tell you a bit more on Guer ,Morbihan 56, Bretagne, my belle France.

This is way countryside you need a car but all worth it. This little town has a lot of military history, the good stories you want to hear and see. The whole town is done around the military academy of Coëtquedan! Let me tell you a bit more on Guer!

After La Gacilly ; we move on to the nearby town of Guer, the city heritage info page in French is here: City of Guer on its heritage

Here we just touch base walking the town, so I list the ones not seen first, there is interesting things to see in detail as the nearby at Monteneuf village the right stand stones, or mégalithique des Pierres Droites, More info in French here:  The Menhirs of Monteneuf

Prieuré St Etienne, (or St Stephens priory) the oldest in the Morbihan.  I will need to be back for this one.  More info in French from the Landes local tourist site here: Les Landes local tourist site on the Prieure St Etienne

Near the village of Bellevue the museum or Musée du Souvenir des Ecoles de St-Cyr Coëtquidan ,this one of the oldest military acadamies in France, and here it is house the cavalry of old, and the museum trace the military history of these schools in the conflicts of France throughtout its history, The city of Guer tells us something about them in French here: City of Guer on the museum

And, also, the Ministry of Defense of France on the military schools here: Min Defense France St Cyr on military schools

And more specific on the Museum of the Memory of the Schools of St-Cyr Coëtquidan at Guer: Museum of the officer at Guer


and the  Château de La Ville-Huë, in the same family for over 700 years ! webpage here: http://www.chateaudelavillehue.com/

What we did do is walk the quaint streets of Guer, pl de la gare, the pl de l’hippodrome with its nice horse race track, etc.


We had to go in to the wonderful Church of St Gurval, there was a church here since the 9C when it was mentioned of the arrival of St Gurval as ermite in the 7C give its name. The actual church is built from 1807 to 1847,in the form of a Latin cross, with new renovations done in 1870. It is a wonderful church, and when we came in, there were practicing on the organ with beautiful singing voices, a nice spectacle!!

Guer ch Saint Gurval dec12

A site on the things to see in Guer and the Church of St Gurval with pictures: tourist office of region Guer Coetquidan Broceliande on the Church

Definitively I live nearby , an area that has a huge amount of sites to visit (not to say all of France lol!) as I tell my reader and those that partake with me in travel sites, it will take a lifetime to see it all ,and maybe even that would not enough time. This is France a movable feast indeed.  Now, I wont leave without telling you how to get to these towns, well here the car is king, and we do use it a lot , we are about 45 minutes away. For info, TER Bretagne: https://www.ter.sncf.com/bretagne

Public transport official page in Bretagne/Brittany: https://www.breizhgo.bzh/se-deplacer-en-bretagne

And tourist office of Brittany on Guer and more on La Gacilly in English: https://www.brittanytourism.com/offers/visites-autour-de-la-gacilly-malestroit-et-guer-la-gacilly-en-2113464/

Hope you enjoy the tour of a famous place still in off the beaten path territory for most. Guer is a serious town, and militarily correct. Remember Guer.  And remember too, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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