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March 12, 2020

The market at Poissy!!

ok so let’s stay with Royal Poissy and my nostalgic Yvelines dept 78 of the Ïle de France region in my belle France. Again, written on Poissy many memorable moments living nearby but have not seen a post on its market! One of the livelist one in the area and we love it.  Therefore, here is my take on the market hall of Poissy.

Wait, a bit on the city of Poissy often overlook in an off the beaten path from influential Paris but worth the detour easy on the RER A and trains from Gare Saint Lazare.

Poissy has a long history. Chief town of Pincerais under the Merovingians, it subsequently became one of the oldest royal cities of Île-de-France, birthplace of the kings Louis IX and Philippe III, before being supplanted from the 15C by Saint-Germain-en-Laye. It is also one of the first towns by a charter granted in 1200 by Philippe-Auguste and an important religious city until the French revolution with the convents of the Dominicans, Capuchins and Ursulines. It is transformed in contemporary times into an industrial city marked since the beginning of the 20C by the automobile construction with successively the brands Grégoire, Matford, Ford France, Simca, Chrysler, Taller and PSA Peugeot Citroën as of today.

And let me tell you a bit on the space where the market is, full of activity the heart of Poissy, the Place de la République!

The cattle market was for a long time the economic heart of Poissy. This space is today the city center with the City/Town Hall, Place de la République and its shops. Reduced by the construction of the City/Town Hall and the building hosting in particular the cinema, now a theatre; the Place de la République presents the identity and origins of the city transposed onto the bronze reliefs carved in half-hollow. Inspired by the history of Poissy, these pools and the gardens form a pleasant landscape. Place de la République, linked to the renovation of the city center, is part of a complex comprising an underground car park, an apartment and office building with commercial facades, green spaces and amenities intended to create conviviality such as the market, the fountain without forgetting the theater, the municipal conservatory and the cinematographic complex.



And the covered market and flea market at Pl de la République! Poissy!!

The Poissy covered market or halle follows on from other earlier halles on the cattle market square. Today, it serves as a covered market three times a week. An unmissable event for gourmets!  From the 18C to the 20C, three halles succeed one another at this location. The market was then intended to protect the calves from bad weather and heat. The current halle was built between 1825 and 1832 . Its enlargement in 1852 by the city , using metal frameworks, precedes the construction of the halles of Paris by Victor Baltard.


The cattle market was abolished in 1867. However, the calf market continued under the hall until 1884. The covered market hall was later used for various events such as concerts, exhibitions, etc. After a complete restoration in 1999, the halle now hosts the covered market three times a week on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday morning.

You are invited to take advantage of the Poissy market on Place de la République. The opportunity to fill your baskets with good, fresh and quality products: Fruits and vegetables, cold meats, cheeses, flowers, sweets, cakes … A convivial moment without a doubt! Meet, share, colors, scents … Beautiful surprises await you!


Market hours: Tuesday and Friday: 8h30 to 12h30 Sunday: 8h30 to 13h. There is an outdoor market right there with extended hours and other goodies non food items such as a flea market. Very lively place especially on Sunday mornings.


The city of Poissy on the covered and flea market in French: Tourist office of Poissy on the markets

Hope you have enjoy the brief foodie historical architecture tour of my nostalgic Poissy, where not only visited but also many business meetings in the city over the years. Good souvenirs indeed. Enjoy the markets of Poissy

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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