A resto and a cider, Morbihan!

Ok so I am trying harder to be creative on names. It is not easy folks, help!!! Well I decided to come back to two reliable places haven’t written in about 2 years in my blog.These are routine trips here several times but they are so good need to again tell you all, just in case happened to take the off the beaten paths of my beautiful Bretagne/Breizh or Brittany.

I am in the department 56 Morbihan, just in case you are new to my blog; it is the only administrative department in France that the name is not French at all. It is Breton old islands across the pond and change over time a bit. It’s Petite Mer in French or Small Sea. In Breton, Mor=sea and bihan=small , get it. Just like Brittany in Breton language is Breizh;ok we like it this way.

Now let me tell you briefly about my two subject of the post, a nice restaurant in my town of Pluvigner and a nice cider maker nearby in Sulniac. My town in Breton is Pleuwigner; a combination that means pleu or plu or parish and wigner or guigner for St Guigner who founded the town coming from Ireland and the main church is name after him.

This is the La Barcarella, brasserie, pizzeria and créperie all into one right by the Church St Guigner. All decorated with pirates and corsairs portraits trinkets and memorabilia that the owner has collected over time and purchase in flea markets! You have a dining room with the bar area and kitchen and then to the right as you entered another dining room. We had different dishes each time and all good.  The prices are countryhome great value price/quality ratio. So if you ever in town ,need to try it for the good food, prices and friendly chat; come on in..


The latest we had  Pizzas la bosco chorizo and ham, la surcouf chorizo and goat cheese, Galettes of goat cheese and honey and chorizo cheese, pichet rose wine of 100 cl (more than a bottle 75cl), 2 banana splits and 2 cafe gourmand all for less than 16€ per person. Great again!! And another great chat with the staff and owner who also does work in the Mairie or city hall office. Mind you they have great reviews on popular travel forums.


They are at La Barcarella, 4 pl du Marche, tel. +33 (0) 2 97 59 00 97.  They have a Facebook page here: Facebook page of La Barcarella in Pluvigner

The city of Pluvigner on La Barcarellahttp://www.pluvigner.fr/contacts/pizzeria-creperie-brasserie-la-barcarella/

Then, we came back to stock up on one of the favorite drinks in the area, the cider. Second to none, the pure real thing done by farmers co-op and individual family businesses here.

We went again to our favorite family country cider distillery as the Distillerie du Gorvello just passing the Castle of Plessis Josso (see post apart)  off the road to your right and then left into the property.  From the free expressway N165 take exit 22 Le Gorvello/Surzur at traffic circle follow direction Le Gorvello and follow the arrows to the Distillery. A wonderful place making cider, apple juice, liquors from apples such as pommeau de Bretagne, Fine de Bretagne, vinager of cider, etc as well as cold meats canned goods (pork and fish base terrines). It has won many medals in the region at the village of Le Gorvello , town of Sulniac , the Gorvello distillery is a small family farm specializing in the cultivation of Apple Cider.



We went for our dose and pick up a case of coco d’issé IGP cider ,then apple juice, limonade le Lutine, and terrine Henriette pure pork Breton, Rillettes de St Jacques, and local honey. Nice basket all natural the country way in my lovely Morbihan. Recommended if stopping by or see somewhere!


Distellerie du Gorvello, Route de Pébéyec, Le Gorvello, Sulniac with webpage: Distillerie du Gorvello ciders in Sulniac

Hope you enjoy the short gastronomic tour of my Morbihan. It is glorious here , shhh its a secret ok. Just say Hi if passing by ok.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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