Metro de Paris ,line 6!!

I have done early when I started my blog way back in Nov’10 a series of runs on each line of the Metro de Paris. I figure it is time to update and renew this information; vital for any visitor and resident as well. Paris not only have Parisians but French from every department of France and even some foreign residents and/or citizens who use it every day.  I hope it helps you understand a bit more what Paris is in its metro or subway or tube underground. Of course, remember, this is for historical purposes only, I always prefer to be above ground in Paris !

After having worked in Paris, and living in Versailles nearby for about 9 years, I am amaze at the number of people coming from places where there is no subway.metro:tube and gladly jump in into the Paris metro and rave about it back home. Like it was a tourist attractions; well I like to tell some historical stories of the Paris metro. I will try to write a bit on each line ,sort of like an historical anecdote rather than photos, maybe one if can find it. The story is the important thing here.

Paris has 16 metro lines so far, and it was not the first one to have one. It all started with the idea of hosting the Universal Expo of 1900, so to be ready work on the metro began in 1897. Today I will talk about line 6 of the metro de Paris.

This line open in 1900 to  1906. It is 13,6 kms long with 6,1 kms above ground, with pneumatic equipement since 1974, and one of the nicest lines in the Paris metro, me think.  We begin our ride at Trocadero, this is when Chaillot was still a village and a palace of Spanish mudejar style was built inspired by the Giralda of Sevilla ,it was replaced by todays Palais de Chaillot in 1937, and it was here that the Declaration of Human Rights was signed on December 10 1948, and on 1985 the square was named the Parvis des Droits de l’Homme. The first attraction is the Palais de Chaillot,where many museums such as the musée de l’Homme, Marine, Architecture, Monuments Français, école de chaillot, institut Français,and the Théatre national de chaillot. all at 17 pl du Trocadero. You can be seen at the Esplanade du Trocadero with a great view of the Eiffel tower, and the Jardins du Trocadero all the way to the river Seine. There is a nice aquarium of Paris, Cineaqua, 2 avenue des Nations Unis, for the drinks go to cafe le Malakoff, 6 pl du trocadero. For sweets delight and we love it go to Pâtesserie Carette, 4  pl du Trocadero.

You now stop at one of my favorite Parisien places, Passy, in the old village of Passy annexed to Paris in 1860. The station was opened in 1903, with a viaduc done in 1903-1906 to connect with Bir-hakeim. Here you have Maison de Radio France with a crown of 500 meters in circumference and 70 meters high, with more than 60 studios, all at 116 avenue du Président Kennedy. This is walkable Paris at its best, take rue des Eaux to come to Rue Raynouard, building falling into the Seine, at No 47 the Maison Balzac, also live there Maupassant and where stayed Benjamin Franklin, narrow streets like rue Berton where Balzac loves to walk too, see the Théatre du Ranelagh and a bit further the carrefour de la Muette,where a castle once stood and now my favorite restaurant old train station Muette, La Gare. If you want to see a wonderful view of the Tour Eiffel, take the metro between Passy and Bir-Harkeim and come by the bridge. Have a drink at Cafe Passy, 2 rue de Passy, do some shopping here is sublime, have a sip and history at the Musée du Vin, 5 square Charles Dickens, also, see Musée Clemenceau, 8 rue Benjamin Franklin.

Move on to nearby Bir-Hakeim, that open in 1906 under the name Grenelle while taken the current name in 1949. Here you see the magnificent Tour Eiffel, enough said. the Pont Bir-Hakeim many times walk over and drive over, as my office is just around the corner for meetings in Paris, and it is wonderful, it was here that the Le Dernier Tango à Paris (and one reason for the name in my blog…) was filmed, the bridge was rebuilt in 1905, and was name in 1848 after the battle of Bir-Hakeim,by quai de Grenelle. The mysterious Ile aux Cygnes host since 1889 a replica of the Statue of Liberty, take the stairs at the level of the bridge.The legendary Jules Verne at the Eiffel tower is world renown and the  58 brasserie (reopening Fall 2020)  is also very good. We move away to another area ,Edgar Quinet, open from 1906, in the Montparnasse area, where you can see the famous Cimetiere de Montparnasse with final resting of Samuel Beckett,Charles Baudelaire, etc. at 3 blvd Edgar Quinet.Try a nice meal and drink at La Cerisaie, 70 blvd Edgar Quinet.  Move over to Corvisart, open in 1906, after the personal doctor of Napoleon Ier ,in the village of Gentilly ,annexed of Paris in 1860. Here you see the pool or piscine de la Butte-aux-Cailles, done in 1924,and one of the oldest in Paris. You come around the working class villas or Villes Ouvrieres like petite Russie, petite Alsace taking rue  Bobillot the rue Simonet to reach the main area street at rue des Cinq Diamants, take north to the rue de la Butte-aux-Cailles, take a break at Square Brassai then continue to passage sigaud, rue Daviel, etc.  you have beautiful house gardens around rue de Tolbiac, rue de moulins-des-prés rue henri pape, rue dieulafoy, just lovely.  Have a coffee break at Havana Café, 70bis blvd Auguste Blanqui or Chez Paul, 22 rue de la Butte-aux-Cailles.


We have arrive at that other gare, Bercy, also annexed to Paris in 1860; the station opened in 1909. the viaduc of the metro with a lenght of 171 meters was done with metallic tablet in 41 arcades, the train station Bercy is attached to line 14 when it opened in 1998.  The wonderful palais omnisports de Bercy, open in 1984, with a room of 55k sq meters and up to 17k seated seats for concerts events etc. The parc de Bercy, with 14 hectares is one of the biggest in Paris right next to Bercy Village. The wonderful passarelle simone de Beauvoir linking the parc de Bercy with the Bibliothéque Nationale. Have a glass at Le Bercy, 118 rue  Bercy. LE 51, at the wonderful Cinémathéque Française at 51 rue de Bercy ,equally good.

And again another ride on my eternal Paris, this time the lovely line 6 of the metro de Paris. Hope you enjoy the ride

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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