Restaurant: Barcelona! Part II

So back to another culinary round in my Europe! in the continuing effort to show you some of my most memorable moments of my culinary expeditions with the family. As often, the case, I come to discover these gems usually on business trips and then if worth it brought alone the family in subsequent trips, and even sometimes do the opposite. The culinary, wine lover in me is well at home in Europe!

One city that is rank right up there with the best is Barcelona, Spain. A blend of Catalan, Mediterranean and other Spanish dishes all in one city , sounds good , let me tell you a bit more ok. You can search back on previous posts and the first one on Barcelona in my blog.

While there , did not wanted to eat at a hotel restaurant thus, so we had a discussion with the concierge, and finally decided to go to the La Fonda del Port (as in port olympic) . Which of course is at the harbor of Barcelona, and plenty of seafood and tapas. We had a great time there.


The restaurant itself is traditional, well-run and quite charming.   As you would expect from its location, a large amount of the restaurant’s menu is seafood, however, there are also meat, pasta and other traditionally Catalan options. La Fonda is a large restaurant with seats within the restaurant itself and also within a covered outdoor area, where heaters and wooden flooring give the feeling of being indoors. The restaurant’s style is classic with a slightly nautical feel. The service at La Fonda is efficient and friendly. The venue is popular and was bustling with people from midday onwards.


La Fonda del Port is located next to the beach front. It is necessary to walk towards Barceloneta’s promenade . To your right you will see a large Casino. To your left you will see steps leading down to the tourist outdoor complex area – Moll de Gregal. Head down these steps, the restaurant is directly in front of you. La Fonda del Port at  Moll de Gregal, 7 – 10. Metro: Ciutadella Villa Olimpic on the Yellow Line, L4. 

The resto La Fonda del Port webpage is here: La Fonda del Port

Next day we set out into town again, this time we walk past Gran Via de Carles III then the Rambla Brasil and turning into Carrer Sants we end up in a nice Basque restaurant call Txalaparta. Founded in 2002 by an experience basque chef of many other restaurants work there.  This is like been back in basque country with great Basque cider and Navarra wine of Monjardin red with a wonderful tuna steak with red peppers and a nice crema catalana dessert.  The resto name is a Basque music instrument that after making cider, the same board was used to pressed the apples later was to call the neighbors. Then, a celebration was held and txalaparta played cheerfully, while cider was drunk. This place had no music but it was definitely nice and loud, good food and plenty of good cheers.


Inspired by the authentic taverns and cider houses of the north, Txalaparta is a cozy restaurant whose chef, César Uruñuela, works with the best raw material – brought directly from Euskadi  to offer excellent traditional Basque cuisine. The restaurant has a long bar of skewers and tapas, as well as an ideal dining room for all kinds of celebrations.


The place is characterized by its familiar and cozy treatment so particular to the Basque culture, as well as a very careful space with the best typical decoration of Euskadi, which linked to a genuine traditional cuisine focused on taking care of the quality of the product, will manage to move you to the Basque lands during the period of time your meal lasts. Do not forget that you can opt for one of its varied menus, with which you can delight in house specialties. In this Basque cider house they have a good ten meters of bar that on Friday and Saturday nights are filled to the fullest. It is located at Carrer de Sants, 146 next to Pl. Sants. Metro: Pl. de Sants on lines L1 and L5.

The resto Txalaparta webpage is here: Restaurante Txalaparta

There you go , a nice one two punch for a weekend in Barcelona. There are many more and even more popular and surely maybe good ones, I have tried others too. However, these two are memorable that we will look after them to be back with the family or friends. Enjoy the restaurants of Barcelona!

And remember, happy travels, good health and many cheers to all!!!


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