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March 2, 2020

Deco arts museum at Bourges!

As an amateur lover of architecture and history, other than a build in monument such as a castle, church or monastery, nothing beats coming to a museum. Especially if it relates to related subjects of mine. While traveling , I am always on the lookout for them, and if missed them noted down to come back on a later visit. This is the case of the Decorative Arts Museum in Bourges.  I like to tell you a bit more on it from the briefs written in previous posts.

The Hôtel Lallemant  is a mansion  in Renaissance style with a museum on decorative arts. The Hôtel Lallemand was built around 1500 ,its an example of the first Renaissance period in France! The building has the feel of been in inclination as it is built over the gallo-roman ramparts! It is a beautiful building indeed. It houses today the Musée des arts decoratifs and managed by the city of Bourges.It has exquisite objects d’arts from the Renaissance period such as clocks, tapestries, paintings of France, Italy and Low Countries, as well as furniture, enamel and ivory items, just superb.

The entrance to the museum is via the rue du hôtel Lallemant. The main building, located between the upper and lower courtyards, contains rooms housing collections of furniture and works of art. A small room (cabinet or oratory) is remarkable for its coffered ceiling decorated with 30 carved patterns.

The Hôtel Lallemant mansion was probably decorated in the first decade of the 16C. Built on the Gallo-Roman enclosure of the city of Bourges, it offers two facades: a rear facade, on rue Bourbonnoux, where the large cross-sections underlined by Gothic foliage contrast with the Renaissance openings of the central bay, and a set of facades on the two high courtyards, where patterns of ancient inspiration (fluted pilasters, friezes) are associated with terracotta medallions, replicas of Italian works, and mounts of a still medieval spirit (mermaid, snail-man wild…).


The first two owners, the brothers Jean Lallemant l’Aîné and Le Jeune, both finance officials of the royal administration, aldermen of the city of Bourges and lovers of decorated manuscripts, have left an exceptional testimony to this hotel. living environment of a family of notables, at the beginning of the Renaissance. Before becoming a museum, the Hôtel Lallemant was in the 19C a school run by nuns, then the seat of the city’s learned societies. The project to make the Hôtel Lallemant a museum appeared in the 1930s and  thought of highlighting the ceramic collections of the museum. It was finally a museum devoted to a selection of paintings and furniture that opened, from 1951. voilà

City of Bourges on the museum in English: City of Bourges on the deco arts museum

And again the Friends of the museums of Bourges, worth preserving these marvels indeed, you can too. Friends of museums of Bourges on the Deco arts museum

Tourist office of BourgesTourist office of Bourges

This is an exquisite building to say the least and very much a must to visit for the architecture alone. Of course, the deco arts items inside are gorgeous and worth seeing them. Hope you enjoy the post and thank you for reading me over the years.

It is a very nice museum if pictures are not to be found in my vault, cdrom and paper photos. Nevertheless, I encourage you to come and visit the Musée des arts decoratifs museum , you will be glad.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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