WWI museum at Péronne!

Well let me bring you up up to my picardie and now Hauts de France region, in nice Peronne and a great museum for all to know and visit and learn not to be repeated.

The Historial de la Grande Guerre or the Historial of the Great War (WWI) is located in Péronne,next to the medieval castle, and taken some parts of it. This is in the Somme department 80, region of Hauts de France. It is a museum of the history of WWI, an international research center and a documentation center. It is a an official Museum of France.


Among the most terrible moments of WWI was the Battle of the Somme, as tragic as the Battle of Verdun: from July to November 1916, it caused, all nationalities combined, more than a million victims including more than 400k dead or missing!

The Historial of the Great War  was born, and the location was fixed in Péronne, which offered the double advantage of being located in the heart of an area of intense fighting from 1914 to 1918 and near an access to the autoroute du nord or northern highway. The Historial of the Great War opened in 1992.


It was conceived and designed in 1986 by international specialists, it favors an approach that puts people at the center of concerns, by comparing the three main belligerent societies: Germany, France, and the United Kingdom , in fields relating to life at the front and the rear lines. On what was the front line, where more than twenty nations came to fight during WWI, the Historial was financed with European, national, regional and departmental funds.

The Historial of the Great War invites visitors to question the concept of conflict , to reflect on the past, present and future world. The Museography seeks to explain at first, so that knowledge then allows emotion to express itself. Thus, the museum shows the profound influence on the contemporary resonances of a war, total, industrial and world.

The collections are distributed in space according to their level of belonging to the conflict and according to a comparative system between the German, British and French collections.


Those on the front , the relics are placed in the center of the rooms in disbursed in pits of white marble,   one for each nationality, referring to the world of trenches and death. In the center of rooms II and III, the pits display the uniforms and weapons of the combatants, surrounded by regulatory objects specific to war of movement and then, of trenches. The rear collections , those of civil society engaged for the first time in this global war are displayed in display cases at the periphery of the rooms on three levels of presentation to better compare the social and cultural dimension of the conflict between the belligerents or the mobilization of the rear. Between the two, the objects of memory such as drawings, watercolors, paintings, engravings, extracts from archive films , etc., which try to describe the indescribable and play in the museum the role of mediators as they played in society. Extracts from war literature and poetry punctuate didactic signage and also strengthen mediation. Awesome!!!


Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are

Official museum historial de la grande guerre in English

This is the Somme dept 80 on museum of WWI history in English: Tourist office of the Somme 80 on museums of WWI

City of Peronne on history and heritage of it

And this one you should come and see it , a must for all. We by passed the area on our trips to visit family in the Nord so it makes it easy but if you are in Paris you should make the effort to come here, after all France is a movable feast! Hope you enjoy the Historial de la Grande Guerre at Péronne!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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