My travels in the Morbihan, LXXVIII

And I interrupt these tour of my belle France to bring you back to my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of Bretagne. It was a cool on and off sun day today, and temps saw them down to 5C now in late afternoon is shown at 9C oops it went up …..this is about 47F and I am home, lovely home in my dear Pluvigner.

It was a short day today, needed to do some inherance paperwork for the passing of my dear late wife Martine’s mom Yvette, the maternal grandmother of my boys will get some ,and the paperwork done by email and mairie was easy. I still do not understand folks claiming France admin is slow lol!  I just send an email to my Mairie or city hall, the madame told me to  come in any time did that done that and no cost. Later passing by the post office to drop off the envelope to the Notaire in Seine et Marne dept 77.


The city/town hall is simple but nice in neo Breton style and a clean spacious lobby. Great views over the city main square place Saint Michel. As we have some British expats living here there was a sign to come in and inquire about the effects of Brexit on their stay.



Later, my oldest son got a quick (another quick action) rdv for the dentist , he call yesterday and told him to come in this morning , dentist saw him a bit inflammation some antibiotics and gone, got the Pharmacie de la Place and pick up the medicines , no costs! It was about 45 minutes visit and out we went. No photos here!

Finally, to compensate a day of errands and me been around the house for a change , took them to eat to an Asian resto they told me had gone with the mother. I am weak when told this, so I took to eat there in Chez Moi, Vannes.


The place is very spacious, more like Oriental cuisine mixing Chinese, Japanese ,etc foods. It is an all you can eat buffet, entrée,plat, dessert, one non alcoholic drink and coffee for 12,80€ ! can’t beat that here lol!! Well yes I had lunch near my job for 12€ but only all you can eat entrées and wine free flowing!!!


I had all kinds of shrimp, pork nems, beef samossas, cantonese rice, noodles, caramel pork, and onion beef, fish nems, cakes, apple and chocolate, kumquats, ice cream, coca cola, and coffee expresso. And left full could not move lol!!! dinner is similar for 17,80€. Ah the place is Chez Moi or at home in the Copernic commercial center next to the Cinéville cinema, back of E Leclerc hypermarché and just right by the shopping area we go to here.  They have a Facebook page here: Facebook page of Chez Moi restaurant Vannes


We came back and relaxing at home glad no work and already with duties by inner Paris next month life goes on until full retirement in my belle France. Hope you enjoy the every day errands of a French family , a bit different from the usual tourist oriented rounds we post in the blog.  Again , enjoy Vannes, Morbihan, Bretagne and France!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!



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